Autumnal Waterfall 47 – Finding Teddy

Cheery Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festive Festivus, Hanukka Chanukka and everything else I forgot.

What’s going on this time? Well, I got this game on a Christmas sale. I know almost nothing about it other than its an adventure game and what the screenshots showed. I did like the style of things, so I got it.

Finding Teddy is available on Steam, Green Man Gaming and probably other locations.

Let’s do this.

It’s going to be a good time?

Well, I can say what the plot is (so far). You need to find your teddy bear after it was stolen.

Stolen by a giant spider!

This is not a game with voice acting or even dialogue. The presentation is very basic, where characters mime stuff. I don’t even know the main character’s name. Because of that, I won’t have a huge amount to say on this game, so there will be a lot of pictures with short paragraphs in between. Allow me to demostrate.

Landing in a strange world.

This is a point and click game, though the girl will only go to certain points, not like normal when the character will go to where you click even if there’s nothing to do. I haven’t gotten that far in, yet, but puzzles either seem to be finding the right item to do things or music. I suppose you got to use music when no one talks.

Hello, guy, thing.

Maybe you’re tired of all the indie games doing these kind of retro-style pixel graphics. Doing it well can make a decent effect, and they are certainly much easier to do for an indie developer. I’m not fully sick of them. They aren’t like the 8 color palette old days. Having more colors makes it harder to choose the right colors to get an effect. I think this game has a pretty good style, part of the reason why I was intereted. Judge for yourself based on the screenshots.

Singing frog. Of course.

I think it’s pretty cool how the main character is the only one in black and white. Either that or she’s just really pale and wearing a grey nightgown. Who knows?

Musical notes are an important part of the game. The game also uses its own symbol for different pitches. If you look back up to the frog picture, it uses things like that. The soundtrack is decently calming.

Aww, don’t cry.

The character design of other beings you meet are fun and whimsical. There world is pretty fun to see. I do wish more random things happen when you poke around, kind of like Botanicula. As it is, you can only interact with important things, which there are not a lot per screen.

There is something a bit off about the world, in an creepy cute kind of way. It’s probably just my imagination. Nothing scary has happened yet.

Getting some water.

Well, this game isn’t that expensive. For it’s price, especially on sale, I think it’s good. I’m not expecting something long. It’s charming and presents itself without the need for any talking. There isn’t even any simlish, or gibberish noises. You just look at facial expressions and mimicing to know what’s going on.

And a hop, hop, hop.

One thing I really like about the game is the little girl’s animation. It brings her from cute to absolutely adorable. Her movements are really well done (in the pixel style), from walking to jumping and other actions. They are simple but expressive.

Yep. Totally adorable cowering animation.

I’m happy with this game, and I want to see what happens. Will she find the bear? That’s the only question I have about this place. Everything else, perfectly normal.

For a charming, point and click game, get it on SteamGreen Man Gaming and probably other locations.

And here is a random youtube link that has nothing to do with anything.

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