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Ooh boy, this is a horror game. I usually don’t do horror games, because they horrify me. Imagine that. I have a really low tolerance for that kind of stuff. I guess sometimes, presentation and plot can make me try it out, and it was also on sale for halloween, too.

The Cat Lady works like a point and click game, though it’s entirely keyboard driven. You interact with objects and combine objects with other objects to solve puzzles. Though that’s not the main point of the game. The main point is to experience the atmosphere and the characters.

This is a game with a lot of dark themes and images, definitely not fit for younger people. But I don’t think I have any of the really disturbing stuff in the intro section.

Get it from here, GoG, or some other online distributors.

So here we go.

Scary grayscale.

Well, let’s give some basic information about the main character: Susan Ashworth. She likes cats, hates people, is suicidal. In fact, the game opens with her attempting suicide and almost succeeding.

The Cat Lady and the cat.

She almost succeeds, but she wakes up in a strange place. This is where everything is set up. Now, I mentioned that the puzzles are pretty basic. The game mostly wants to present to you the characters. You can walk left or right, pick up stuff and all that standard stuff.

The presentation is pretty great, though. The game has a different artstyle that works really well.

Yep, really strange place.

Colors are muted, most of the time, its in black and white. Bright colors are used for effect, and its a really good effect.

The first chapter is pretty basic. Walk around, find dead bodies of Susan to find items needed to proceed.

See the use of color for yourself.

The music and sound effects all add to the ominous feeling. The game does a pretty good job of setting up emotions and feelings. The voice acting is alright, though some actors have cheaper mics or worse setups, and you can hear the microphone pop. Mostly minor characters.

Now then, after wandering around some, you come across an old lady, The Queen of Maggots.

If anyone is waiting for me, I don’t want to meet that person.

She’s the one that prevented Susan from fully dying, and she has a reason for it. She wants Susan to go back to the real world and kill 5 parasites, people who are sick in the mind. Until Susan does this, she can’t get what she really wants. Susan, of course, doesn’t want to do this. She wants to just die in peace, but the Queen of Maggots can be pretty persuasive.

And she gave us a convenient crowbar.

Well, I know why this room is horrifying to Susan, but that’s not revealed for a while, so I’ll just leave it along for now.

Without much choice, Susan relents and is sent back to the real world. She is given immortality to help her along with the task. I will say, even with immortality, the game is still terrifying.

Watch out parasites, Susan’s coming for you.

Well, the first chapter only sets up the characterization. It can get emotional and deals with some heavy themes such as suicide and mental breakdowns. The game definitely aims for story first as Susan journeys from her current state of mind to hopefully a better one.

Well, I’ve played ahead from here, and I can tell you how unnerving and scary the parasites can be. This is a game I play only during the daytime with bright lights and in windowed mode. Then again, I am a wuss. You might find it more fun to play in an atmospheric place. Just be careful of jump scares. Even the intro credits are jump scares. I’m just saying.

Also, to get out of this world between worlds, Susan needs to donate some blood. I’m not sure this is the best way to do it.

Hmm, of course there’s no other choice.

Anyway, I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants a scary, thoughtful experience and doesn’t mind a bit of gore. I’ll find the courage to go through the rest of the game, sometime. But once I take a break. Well, let’s how you handle the parasites.

Get it from hereGoG, or some other online distributors.

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