Autumnal Waterfall 45 – Goodbye Deponia

So this is the third shrike. You’re dumping just like a trashbag. Why? Just because of some mustard on the carpet.
You pathetic dorkhead. I assume your humor did just bite the dust.
But this isn’t over yet. Yeah, you can bet on that. The last part of my tale will surely appease and change your mind anyhow, so put on your deaf aid now.
The story goes on for good things come in threes.
Huzzah, good things come in thress.

Welcome to: Goodbye Deponia. The third game of the Deponia trilogy! This has been my favorite point and click adventure game in recent memories. The world, the characters, they are just all so well crafted. Clever puzzles are also abound in this game.

Find it on Steam or perhaps some other place. A full trilogy set is also available.

Why do I remember writing about the first Deponia game? I’ve tried looking, but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s strange. Oh well. Here’s a post now, so, put in your deaf aid, because we’re going to Deponia for one last time.

Goodbye. I will miss you.

Now, I’ve called adventure games jerk simulators before. None quite fit so well as the Deponia games. The main character is Rufus, is hugely egotistical and causes huge problems for everyone he meets. He happily goes on hurting people because they aren’t him. Other characters mostly hate/are scared of him, but he’s oblivious to their problems.

Of course, Rufus is still the hero.

The writing is funny enough, self-aware enough to make you want to root for Rufus. If he was any side character, you would have wanted to throttle him. But as the main character, he’s crazy awesome with wild plans and off-the-wall solutions.

Rufus (on right) with Toni (tutorial lady).

A majority of the other characters all hate him, but put up with him. The others know he’s trouble, and sometimes it plays out dramatically, too.

For those that have not played the first two games, I’ll give a quick recap of the story. Nothing too spoilery, just general stuff.

Rufus lives on a world of junk, filled with some crazy and lovable characters. He hates it down here while everyone else is resigned to it. Only Rufus actively seeks to get off the world and onto a floating paradise, Elysium.

A crystal toga empire.

Often times, his hair-brained schemes to get up there land him in huge amounts of pain and cause lots of destruction. One time he almost succeeded, he knocked down a woman named Goal, who he has tried to woo because he sees her as a way up to Elysium.

An organization known as the Organon have been tasked with retrieving Goal for some nefarious purposes.

Your standard faceless bad guys.

So Rufus must prevent them from taking Goal, reach Elysium and perhaps, just perhaps, save the world while he’s at it.

More than likely, though, he’s causing trouble for his friends. Just as everything was goes well, Rufus decides to go fishing using a crane attached to their cutter, while they were nowhere near the water.

The cutter bit off more than it could chew.

Yep, the roof got ripped out because he caught an Organon cruiser instead. Oh, that’s Doc on the left. Rufus is crouching. Bozo is sleeping on the couch. Goal is standing at the top. Goal always believes in Rufus, despite all the trouble he causes. She genuinely believes that he is a good guy.

Well, in typical Rufus fashion, he’s off to fix what he caused and hopefully not make things worse.

I believe things just got worse.

I’ll just intersparse some pictures of Rufus saving the day while talking more about the game.

As I’ve said, this is a great and imaginative world. It feels so rustic and great. All of the characters are funny as well, even the minor ones that Rufus screws over. The voice acting is pretty good, and like most point and clicks, Rufus has various comments for trying things on other things.

Yep, day is saved. Totally.

The music, I think, is pretty good, too. I mention it because there are some tracks I would listen to outside of just being background noise. The singing narrator is also great. That quote from the top of the post is the intro song to Goodbye Deponia.

The world is vibrant and lively. There are lots of things going on in the background that are unrelated to you. Animals skitter around, poke at stuff, gets shocked. Every screen is just packed full of detail.

Occasionally, there are some sound glitches, such as sound files not playing, but I think the voice actors are all pretty good.

Go slower, not faster!

The puzzles are great as well. Because they have a feature where you press spacebar to highlight everything on the screen that you can interact with, there’s never a need to hunt for something. You can focus purely on solving the issue at hand.

Most of the time, there are enough clues around, and training from the previous games prepared me for Rufus’s way of solving problems, making everyone else miserable. When in doubt, choose the option that causes the most pain to others.

Just ignore the flames.

The character of Rufus develops over the course of three games, and it’s really fun being with him every step of the way. There are times you may want to smack him, but it’s well worth it to follow him throuhg Deponia on his adventure.

Huzzah, the day is saved!

Well, Captain Bozo’s cutter has been completely wrecked. Guess they’ll need to walk the rest of the way up to the High Boat, a ship that will take them to Elysium. And thus starts the game of the Deponia trilogy.

It really is a great point and click adventure game that I recommend to people.

Time to rest for the night.

Get it on Steam!

Huzzah, Good Things Come in Threes

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