Autumnal Waterfall 43 – Terraria

And we’re back in terraria! Since last time, I’ve gotten a lot of stuff. Most of it is old, but I’ve pretty much finished Normal mode. My world spawned with Tin, Iron, Silver, Platinum and Corrution, so I got no pictures of the new Crimson Biome and the new Crimson boss (which is a replacement for Corruption in certain worlds). Well, that’s alright, I guess. It gives you something to look forward to.

Also, I can’t believe I forgot to mention one of the major new features last time. We now have a minimap! Gosh, I sued to be good with directions in Terraria, but now that a minimap has come up, I’ve relied on it too much. I forgot last time because I kept it off. It’s just too useful, though. I now have no mental map of my tunnel systems.

Well, I’m not going to go through a step-by-step of what I did in normal. I’ll point out some of the new stuff that I didn’t last time.

For instance, the Blood Moon now looks a lot more vicious.

It’s a waterfall of blooooooood.

Also, ignore the… 5 torches on that screen alone. I am a compulsive Torcher. I must have every underground part lit up. And you can see one of the new giant trees in this screenshot. I dug through the bottom to make an easy pass. Screw physics. g != 9.8 m/s^2 here. Too bad this is the only giant tree I have. If there was a larger one, I would have liked to make a home in it.

Ah, I didn’t take a picture of the sky island. They look much better now. There are cloud blocks and raincloud blocks. Raincloud blocks have a raining effect, though it produces no water. There are some furniture only available through the Cloud Islands as well.

There is also a new rain event, which also does not produce water. I am okay with it because I don’t want random flooding. Though I am worried about what’s going on in my basement.

I actually do have stuff in my basement, it’s just off to the left.

I think these goldfish are trying to summon the Eater of Worlds on me. I don’t trust those shifty dancing cyprinidae one bit.

Well, ignoring them, let’s go into the Underground Jungle! I’m decked out enough for those hornets and maneaters. And there are some mysterious new things in the Underground Jungle, too.

It’s like Indiana Jones.

There is a new Jungle temple now, but I don’t know how to get the key just yet, so I’m stuck outside.

No matter, I found something else just as interesting.


Bees! MF’ing bees!

Bees! MF’ing bees!

I know I wrote that twice, but bees! And a new liquid, honey.

The Queen Bee is a new boss, which acts a bit like the Eye of Cthulhu. It also sounds like it, too. Or did it sound like the Eater of Worlds? I forget. I did almost die at the end, but I was overgeared, so I survived. The Queen Bee does some horizontal dashes only. She won’t do a near horizontal dash but a perfect one, so it’s quiet easy to jump her. She also shoots out smaller bees which act more as a source of health, assuming you can kill them.

Not that bad, but she is a normal mode boss.

With her defeated, I got some cool loot, such as a bee shirt, a bee grenade and a new magic weapon. Also, the Witch Doctor moved in. I’m not really sure what his purpose is right now, but I’ll figure it out.

Also raided the Dungeon, too. It has a completely new look. Not sure which look I prefer. The old dungeon felt shinier, this one is grimmer. It also has a lot of furniture that can’t normally be made.

Why’s it always down?

Now that I’ve taken down everything else in normal mode, it’s time to take on the Wall of Flesh. And I’ll use my new weapon from the Queen Bee to do it, too.

Eat bee, sucka!

Yes, it’s a rapid fire bee gun. It’s one of those weapons that does rapid damage, so it gets really bad against things with high defense. Each bee lasts a good while and will fly back and forth, dealing damage multiple times. You also shoot between 1 and 3 bees per shot. It’s pretty fun.

In order to save material, I only put blocks every other square. It works and with the new staircase feature, I don’t need to cut a line through all the buildings anymore. I just build over them.

Eat it, Wall of Flesh

I finish it off with my Spear into its mouth. Now hard mode is unlocked. I can’t wait to dye repeatedly to all the new stuff just waiting to kill me.

I’ll leave you my current house. I know I am unimaginative with building it, and it probably has to do with me wanting to see the content. Be sure to click on the picture for a larger view of it.

Guess which room belongs to the Party Girl?

See you in hard mode!

Wind und Geige

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