Autumnal Waterfall 42 – Terraria 1.2

Oh yeah, welcome to the new and improved Terraria! The long awaited (by me at least) 1.2 patch.

For those that don’t know, Terraria is a 2D action platformer. It has a  fully robust building, mining and world shaping system, similar to Minecraft. But a huge focus of the game is exploring out, getting better gear and defeating harder bosses. Of course, you’re free to build whatever you like, though it lacks an official creative mode due to how much emphasis is placed on progressing through the game. There’s always mods for that.

And now, the 1.2 patch has been released! It is a free patch that nearly doubles the content in the game. 4 new bosses, a bunch of new npcs, totally new biomes and lots of new items!

Get Terraria at Steam.

Note that Multiplayer is still bugger hard to set up for me. *sigh*

Here, I will go through some of the improvements as well as a new biome. So, step into Terraria.

Rumors of the Guide’s death were greatly exaggerated.

As you can see, Terraria has a spiffy new background now! Every biome has its own background and music. For the background, much of it is new. It looks great, though the graphic goes up too high, in my opinion, and blocks out the position of the sun. It’s a minor annoyance not being able to tell what time it is.

Now, I made a new world for 1.2, and I must say, it also looks wonderful. There are tons more, uh, to use a Starcraft term, doodads. Basically, random decorations that serve no purpose but make the world look much more randomized. I found rock formations, piles of bones, rafflesias. All of these cannot be taken. If you pickaxe them, they simple cease to exist, similar to grass in the old Terraria. But they certainly make everything look better.

First off, let’s explore! And would you look at that, they fully fleshed out the Snow Biome now. Shall we go in?

I’ve fallen down an ice-hole!

I know it’s torched all the way down, but I only thought to take pictures after I’ve already been down there.  There, you can see some of the new ice blocks, which are slippery. You can also see slopes! Yes, you can now move up 1 tile high in Terraria without needing to jump. Also, the hammer now changes the tile between slope left, slope right, half height and regular. Just imagine the possibilities.

I do want to point out an inconsistency with the new stairs. Sometimes, it’s possible to go up, but if the roof is too low, you’ll need to break it to come down.

There are also new ores. Check out this Platinum ore.

Eh heheheh *old prospector*

When I say the content has been nearly doubled, I meant it. Some stuff actually replaces certain things in the old Terraria depending on world generation. For example, your world can either have Gold or Platinum. Since I have Platinum, I do not have Gold. They are functionally equivalent, but the new ores make much better looking armor, so yay.

Ice Vikings!

Being a fully fleshed out biome, the Snow Biome has its own selection of enemies. Also, all enemies have much more variation in appearance now. I count at least 4 different kinds of skeletons, for instance, and I’m not including the Ice Vikings in it. Also notice the fluffy white enemy to the right. Those things are flippy S.O.B.s. I hit them once and they tumble across the screen.

Spike-chucking slimes!

More slimes! Just what we need.

But in all seriousness, these guys are pretty hard. They won’t come near you. Instead, they’ll just continually throw ice spikes at you, physics-enabled ice spikes. The attack doesn’t travel far, but they’ll curve by gravity, and you can’t destroy them with an attack. The ice slime will also pretty much barrage you as long as they think you’re in range. Fortunately, that guy doesn’t know g = 9.8 m/s^2, bitch.

Also, yes, you do see a rope on the right. Yes, you can power-pulley up there.

The only way to travel down huge stretches of height.

Well, since I’m talking about rope,  how about some new features and items? I’ve found an ice sword that shoots out a blast of ice when I attack. It is awesome, and I used it until I got the Light’s Bane. There is a slight recharge between each shot, and you can’t change what’s equipped while it’s recharging, but it does 15 damage with a very fast attack speed. Another new item?

It’s a campfire!

It’s a snowball cannon! Though I question my decision to shoot it for a health-regenerating campfire. Look to the top-left room of my house. Those are the ebonwood workbench and cactus workbench respectively. There are tons of new furniture styles.

How about some system changes? Well, there is a nice crafting grid now.

Look at all that crafty goodness.

Instead of scrolling through everything one at a time, you can just find it on the grid and click it. A great time saver.

And check out the new NPC, it’s a Dye Trader! You can now dye your equipment with a host of new ingredients. The Dye Trader will sell you the dye station needed to make dyes. I believe he spawns when you have one of the ingredients needed to make dyes in your inventory.

Sells the thing needed to make dyes.

Well, I’m barely scratching the surface. There are still new bosses to be killed, new NPC’s to collect and new items to find. I’ll leave you with what house looks like at the time I stopped taking pictures.

Now I only happened put the loom in the woman’s room because I happened to be there. Okay?

It’s nowhere near the current level of my house, which I might show you later.

Terraria 1.2 is a free patch to all Terraria owners! Get Terraria here!

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