Autumnal Waterfall 41 – Mirror’s Edge


Well, I recently just bought the Origin Humble Bundle. From there, I got a few things. First one I’ve played is Mirror’s Edge. So, let’s talk about the few year old game. Though I’m quite sure if any of you already wanted to play it, you would have already.

What is Mirror’s Edge? It is a first person parkour game. You play as Faith as she free runs through the city skylines, avoiding cops and deadly falls. It sounds pretty cool in theory, so let’s see how the execution is.

The skyline is your playground.

Now, we start of with an (optional) tutorial. I did it since I have no idea what I’m doing in the game. First off, they gave all prompts in terms of Xbox 360 controls. This does not help me one bit. I had to remember what all my keys were for the keyboards. I do have a controller, but it’s not an Xbox 360 one, so all the buttons were mapped differently. You don’t have the option to reassign the controller either. In either case, I had a tough time learning it to start.

Now, during gameplay, the entire game is in first person. Not only that, you can look down and see feet! I always like it when they refuse to get out of first person for anything. When you roll, your screen pretty much does a flip.

I’m going over there!

Now, I don’t get any sort of sickness from games, so I had no problem with this. The movement feels decently fluid. You basically have two moves for getting around, down and up. Down is a slide.

Hopefully not sliding off the edge.

Up is jump, climb or anything else where you go, well, up.

Pictured: An insane person.

There is also combat, but it’s not really a good idea to fight. First off, you have fists and legs. They have handguns, assualt rifles, sniper rifles and a helicopter! In most of the missions, you’ll be running away from the police while they shoot at you.

These jerkwads.

Now, this is where I feel some of the problem in the game comes in. First off, there’s no edge gravity, what this means is Faith will gladly run off ledges, possibly to her doom, if you don’t control her well. Second of all, certain jumps are finicky and you will miss your ledge or climbable object if you are off. Because it’s in first person, it’s that much easier to be off target. I fell to my death countless times and it sort of ruins the experience of being an awesome freerunner when you’re falling so much. Yes, I’m blaming some of my ineptitude on the game.

First person looking down.

Secondly, the level design feels too unclear. There are marks of red that show where to go, but they only appear when you get close. In a game that (in my opinion) is supposed to be about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible, needing to figure out where to go is not what I want to be doing. The levels are pretty linear, but offer just enough ambiguity that I have to slow down and figure out the best way to go. I really want to just not even let go of the forward button. Between redoing things because I missed jumps and trying to figure out where to go, it does get frustrating at times.

The police serve to rush you, but when you can’t figure out where to go and they shoot you to death, blech. Also, Faith can somehow take multiple bullets, yet 2 rifle butts will put her out of commission. I mean, I know it’s to make close combat a thing you need to think about, but man that sucks.

Once you know the best route through a level, the game starts to shine as you don’t need to stop. Just run like the wind, wall climbing, vaulting and all that good stuff.

The plot is told through stylish drawings that feel a bit like I’m looking at a cel-shaded cartoon.

Hello there.

It’s a pretty cool style. Not much else to say, other than I feel they’re done well enough.

As for plot? It’s the future and the government has been overreaching. Runners are people rebelling against that. Faith stumbles into something, and that’s why every cop is using EXCESSIVE FORCE on her.

Oh boy, that’s not good.

Yep, she’s stumbled into a murder conspiracy.

Overall, I do like the game since it provides a different experience. It’s just really frustrating at times.



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