Autumnal Waterfall 40 – Saints Row IV: The Third

Aww yeah, we’re in the game now. And we have super powers!

Also, I’mma stop putting up spoiler warnings. You should know by now that there will be some.

Now that we’re in the game, I can talk a bit more about gameplay and all that good stuff. So here we go.

First up, Zinyak is a total bitch for taking out nearly all of our safehouses. Now, there is no easy way to get rid of notoriety. With super powers, however, it is really easy to escape from anyone trying to chase you.

Bye bye, old crib.

Now, the game gives you super powers pretty early on once you enter simulated Steelport. And pretty soon after that, you can do a side mission that gives you unlimited sprinting, so they are really pushing you to use those powers to get around. That means cars are pretty much only for fun. If you liked them in SR:TT, they are pretty much unchanged from there.

The first two powers you get are super sprint and super jump. Both of them feel absolutely great with some minor inconveniences.

I changed out of those 50′s clothes fast.

Steelport absolutely feels like it was made for super powers. There are tall towers to glide off from and everything about it just feels smooth. The more mundane features of the game suffer, though. It sometimes feels like the super power part is fighting against the ganster part. Quick carjacking is a chore because you’ll likely accidentally activate super sprint and just knock the car away. Car surfing (still present, though not required for anything) is hard to do when you overjump your car by 100 meters.

I pretty soon stopped using cars all together. Unfortunate, as all of the car customization from The Third are still in this one. Many of the things in this game feels like they’re only in it because it was in the previous games.

Now, to power up your power ups, you need to collect clusters.

These babies.

They are everywhere, mostly on rooftops, so super jumping is the way to go. You already start of running faster than cars, and there are three extra levels of speed upgrades. You’ll be zipping by the city in no time flat.

Steelport actually has a different vibe from the previous game, despite being laid out almost the same. The aliens have made their touches here and there, both small and large. A large example? Huge towers we need to take over.

Jumping puzzles! Shit yeah!

Though you could also just highjack a helicopter or something and fly to the top.

A small change that was made to the city? Zinyak (the alien boss) is pretty much everywhere.

My first car was the EMU.

I mean, those bitches took over Planet Saints! Fortunately, they still sell Saint clothes. Notice that Uncle Sam is also now Uncle Zinyak. The other picture is as well, but the tree is blocking her. Everywhere, there are little touches of the Zin trying to break your spirit. It’s always night, the signs are all messages, and his face pretty much replaces everything with a face.

Activity wise, all of them now have a new coat and are tied into the purpose of “disrupting the system.” It’s a pretty cool change, though one that doesn’t hugely change how some of them function.

Tank mayhem is still tank mayhem, only now with an alien tank.

Boom boom boom!

Virus injections are basically The Third’s phone calls where they ask you to kill waves of people.

There are several new activities that take advantage of your super powers, however. For instance, Blazing is now done with super speed instead of driving around while on fire. And it is way easier to control your own guy at super speeds. More platforming puzzles with super jump too.

After causing enough mayhem in the system, these guys will also start coming down.

It’s raining fire too.

If it’s a story event when they do come down, you’ll get a new power afterwards. In this case, I got freeze blast. Now, the still screenshot makes it hard to tell what’s going on here, but I am freezing people.

You better freeze, bitches.

These offensive powers takes the place of grenades. I am certainly okay with that as these powers are awesome. You really feel like a badass and the game does little to stop that feeling. Its empowering.

Also, notice I changed from regular jeans to short jeans and that thing underneath. (Help me out with that that’s called?)

Guns are still very useful in combat, and they have more upgrades than ever. Now, they also have visual customization which not only changes appearance, but sounds and particle effects as well. Pretty neat.

After going through a few story missions, it’s time to escape the simulation! Hooray, we win. Game’s over.

Walk into the light.

Or is it?


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