Autumnal Waterfall 38 – Saints Row IV

It’s finally here, the most stupidly awesome game that I’ve been waiting for: Saint’s Row IV!

Bigger, badder and more over the top than The Third, Saint’s Row IV pretty much cranks things up so much, the knob breaks off. Now, if you were a fang of Saint’s Row 1 and 2, this is definitely not a return to form, in fact, it’s further from a gangster game than ever.

If you want crazy open world action, this game will deliver. It will be glorious.

And there will be spoilers.

Get it on Steam, some other digital distribution sites, XBox60 or PS3

You now control the country.

The game starts of similar to SR:TT, the player character, also known as Boss or Playa, is completely covered up, and their mic just happened to be broken so they can’t speak. Because the country views them as heroes, and they are absolutely unstoppable, the Boss, Shaundi and Pierce are sent on a counter-terrorism mission with new character Asha Odekar.

Pierce, Asha, Boss and Shaundi

Oh, and their mission control are Kinzie and Matt. I told you there would be spoilers.

Boss, still true to form, is a killer and loving every minute of it.

Knife to meet you.

Gameplay mechanics and graphics are nearly identical to SR:TT. It uses the same game engine, so much of the limitations of The Third, such as no layering clothes, are still around. Gameplay-wise, I really liked The Third, so I’m alright with this. Reusing so many assets was probably how they got this out so fast.

But who cares? There are terrorists that need killing.

In the back!

Being the first mission, it’s rather simple and your gun as infinite ammo, as you can see. Even right now, though, there are signs of the silliness that pervades the game. It’s a fun silliness, but a completely different brand from Saint’s Row 2.

Sign, I ignore you.

The plot of this game follows from the ending of Saint’s Row: The Third where *spoilers* you save Shaundi. I hope there was enough space in between the words *spoilers* and the spoilers for you to avoid reading. That means Killbane gets away and Cyrus Temple pulls out.

And guess who’s the leader of the terrorists? This jerk.

Cyrus Temple

Because of how popular the Saints have become, he sees America and its government as having failed. His goal is to nuke Washington and start over.

That’s right, this game opens with a nuclear attempt on the nation’s capital.

Despite shooting him off the ledge and into a vat of molten metal, he manages to activate the nuke. The Boss, showing great selflessness, goes to stop the missile.

And I don’t want to miss a thing.

If only you could hear the music that plays during this part. It is grand. And like the badass that you are, you hold onto a speeding missile with your bare hands and even climb up it. How do you disable it? With your fist of course.

I punch it.

The entire thing is very touching, with every character you’ve met so far (all 5 of them in the first level) saying goodbye to you. Because there’s no way you’re living after disabling a nuclear missile. Right?


I live!

With the actual nuclear part of the warhead disabled, you just jump right off and let the missile blow up harmlessly in the sky. And guess what building you’re right over? The White House, of course. Not even bothering with a parachute, you land right in the president’s chair.

Boom. Elect me.

And that, puny foreigners, is how America chooses its leader.

All ze buttonz.

First mission: Complete.

White it feels the same as SR:TT so far, I’m really looking forward to playing more. I enjoyed SR:TT’s style, so, hey. Next time, we’ll be looking at mission number two. And you’ll actually see my player character, something I never showed you back in my Saint’s Row: The Third posts. I made it as similar as possible because in my mind, it’s the same boss. And the same voice actress is still there, too, so that’s quite good.

Hail to the Chief

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