Autumnal Waterfall 36 – (Some/No) One Has to Die



Welcome to No One Has to Die, a free web game that can be found here:

Of course, this game is lying to you. Someone has to die.

This game is like a visual novel with branching paths. It’s not too long, I beat the entire thing in less than half a hour, but its quite a fun experience going through it. So, someone has to die, and you get to choose.

You are the visitor.

The game starts off with you, as the visitor to a company. You’re there delivering something, but you get caught up in a fire. The security guards have been shot, and you are the one that has control of the doors and sprinklers. Several people are trapped inside the building. They communicate with you through some kind of company instant messenger. Your task is to get them safely through the fire.

The catch is, someone has to die.

The game rules.

This is the gameplay portion. It looks kind of complicated, but it really isn’t. The fire propagates every turn, but it can’t go through water or locked doors. You can only lock one door. Things progress once a turn has passed without any fire or water spreading.

This is where the choice comes in. Every floor the people go through, one of them has to die. The game tells you which two you have to choose between. Following that, the story unfolds with different characters interacting.

The branches.

This is the main screen that tracks what choices you’ve made and also allows you to instanty jump to a point. While each dialogue segment isn’t too long, you do get a good bit of understanding of the characters, especially if they live to the later stages because you killed the other guy.

Explore more endings!

Like most visual novels, there are multiple endings, depending on which person is alive at the end.

I will say this game gave me chills at times, and it’s not due to the A/C in my room being on, either. The game greatly reminds me of a much shorter and simpler 9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors, or whatever permutation of those words make up the title. Only with 4 charaters + you.

I won’t reveal too much about the plot, but it’s also a bit 9P9H9D-like.

Propagation of flames.

This just shows how the flames and water moves as the turns go. In this particular scenario, you have a choice between the green guy or the blue guy. For the colorblind people, the guy on bottom and the guy on top.

There is a deeper mystery inside the company, and you’ll figure it out through the branching storylines. There may or may not be a bad guy among the plot, depending on how you want to see the characters.

Maybe they do, maybe someone is lying.

Like some visual novels, there is a true ending. To get it, simply beat every path.

There’s a hint to the plot in this picture.

This is a pretty short game, and free, so give it a shot. I liked it, and you probably won’t hate it.

Play it here:


And random youtube video.

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