Autumnal Waterfall 33 – Super Squat Simulator

Are you ready to get into the best shapes of your lives? If so reading this is not going to help you. But if you want to work your fingers to the bone, this will help, for this is Super Squat Simulator-or-or-echo-echo-echo.

You can feel the burn with this game. Start out every computer session with some of this and you will be ready for whatever furious clicking/typing that awaits. So, are you ready?

Or get the game here and squat along.

Log in? We don’t need to log in.

So, the purpose of this game is to do squats. It’s a complicated procedure in real life with the risks of injury. In the game, as a simulator, squats are done to mimic real life conditions as much as possible.

We’ll work that glut in no time.

See how realistic it is? You can feel this guy’s muscles working out with every movement.

Now, to start, press down.

Halfway done.

Now press up.


That’s one!

And then you repeat for as long as your sissy legs, er I mean fingers, can take it! Down, up, down, up, work it.

Of course, what’s a workout without workout music? And as you go higher, the visuals start getting pumped up as well. It starts with some swaying and some light beats.

Look at that quadracep.

As soon as we hit 250 squats, the parties on! Rock out to the beat, down and up style.

Dost thou even hoist?

The game makes you want to continue on. It’s flashy visuals, the way of your guy and the catchy tune just gets you into a finger tapping mood. With every press, there is a beep to, so you want to try and keep up the beep to the beat.

Mmm, cheesecake.

Can’t stop now, gotta see what’s coming up next! Those encourage messages really help me keep going.

Now, if we assume each mouse click burns 0.00142 calories, and that each key press is equal to a mouse click, then we’re cooking with a real workout. At 999 squats, that’s 1998 key presses. That means I just burned 2.83716 clories with my workout. Can you say the same about your daily regiment? I didn’t think so.

Let’s go all the way to 1000 and see what happens! Here we go!


Get the game (for free) here.

Have a taste of the phat beats in the game here.

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