Autumnal Waterfall 32 – Reus

And I’m back, this time, with a game called Reus. They call Reus a simulation game, though I find it’s more like a puzzle game where you have to adapt on the fly and not hit the wrong hotkey, breaking everything.

Reus has pretty nice visuals, though I didn’t notice the music much. Depending on how much you want to manage things, it can be relaxing or hectic. You do everything in the game through 4 giants that have different abilities. Each level consists of a circular world, and you use your giants to shape them for civilization. Of course your giants move slow as mole asses so if you make settlements too far apart, it’ll take a while to do anything.

Making things hectic are timed challenges where you have to get a certain settlement up to a certain amount of resources. Succeeding gives you more abilities, failing doesn’t really penalize you, but I want to do it anyway.

Now, step into Reus.

This giant does not appear in the game to my knoweldge

Like I said before, this game has you controlling 4 giants. The first guy, a crab, has the ability to make oceans. Oceans are important for 2/3 habitable locations.

Not the stone guy, the blue thing inside the water

The crab giant also has the ability to create animals, and depending on powerup, boost animals, minerals and plants. Once you have made an ocean, you can start nurturing life. The monkey giant allows you to create forests.

The monkey has a green thumb

Once a forest has been made, you must drop down resources. There are 3 different resources to consider, food, tech and wealth. As long as one of them is in the area, and there is enough empty space, a village will form.

Hello village

If you notice to the right side of the screen, there is a watchtower. There’s one off the screen to the left as well. That is the reach of your village. Anything inside will be utilized by your villagers. Anything outside and they’ll have to slowly expand to reach.

Now it’s not as easy as just plopping down whatever you feel like. Everything you drop down (animals, plants, minerals) has something called symbiosis. That means they gain bonuses based on what’s next to them. For example, a quartz mine produces a certain amount of wealth. If a second quartz mine is next to it, the first will produce more wealth. The second also gets bonuses from the first, so placing things in the right order will grand you the maximum resources.

For now, just plant some simple blueberries to give the villagers some food.

Blueberries, over to the right

And woman, are you asking for meat? Get out of my village.

Oh, this is more of a puzzle game of maximizing resources, so villages technically don’t need any food. They’ll be fine with nothing but wealth or tech. In this case though, I have blueberries.


Now village will occasionally start projects. These require you to reach a certain amount of resources in a certain amount of time. To do that, you need to utilize space, symbiosis and village specialization wisely. Village specialization is just a bonus for having certain things, like animal hubsandry gives more food per animal.

What you should not do is accidentally create a mountain in the middle of town, thus destroying it, when you meant to create a mineral vein.

Rise from your ground

Keeping at it, your villages will soon be prosperous and vast. Maybe even covering the whole world.

Forest village on the left, desert village on the right

These are 2 moderately(?) successful villages. The numbers in the ground are how much resources are being provided. The number underneath the village is how much resources are being used / total resources available around. Two smiley faces. Everyone is happy.

And look, the fourth giant that I haven’t shown yet. It’s a swamp giant that makes herbs and exotic animals.

Holla, my peeps

Many of the abilities on the bottom are locked. In order to unlock them, you must complete projects. Once you do, an amabassador will show up, forest ambassadors, desert ambassadors or swamp ambassadors depending on which village finished the project. A giant can pick up an ambassador, and in doing so, they will gain a new ability. So you want to finish lots of projects to get lots of ambassadors. As the game progresses, it takes upgrading projects to get new ambassadors.

There is a danger of helping your village too much, however. They might get complacent and greedy. If they do, they’ll march off to war on other villages.

Tonight, we dine on that village across the ocean

Having villages get too greedy is a pretty bad thing. You can stop or slow the greediness in a few ways. The first, of course, is to just not give them that much help. The second is to introduces dangerous animals around the village. The third is to give resources that also give awe. Awe will make them revere you and not get a sense of entitlement.

Of course, if they get too too greedy, they might even attack your giants.

Better wipe them off the map.


Too bad, so sad, goodbye. Maybe the next settlers will be nicer.

And thus, the game continues on with you completing challenges to unlock more stuff and so on.

Everyone gather for a group photo!


Get Reus here! Or at any one of the sites shown on that page.

And for my random youtube link, here.

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