Autumnal Waterfall 29 – I’m Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

I’mma back and I’mma ready to jam.

And by jam I mean drive. Drive trucks. Across Europe. In the best (and only) truck driving simulator I have ever played, Euro Truck Simulator 2.

As you can tell, it is a simulation game giving people who should never operate heavy machinery the ability to drive trucks. The game isn’t quite so extreme in having real time driving. I mean that you don’t have to drive a route for hours at a time. Most early routes I’ve played have probably taken around 15 minutes.

Here is the website for the game. Game itself is $40 but they have quite a robust demo.

Now then, on to the game.

Euro Truck Simulator, the most truckingnest truck simulator I have played. Never has following the traffic laws been so fun. Got to signal turns, wait for cars to get out of the way, not speed. I even stop for red lights.

Note, I was not being sarcastic before. This game is surprisingly fun and relaxing. You can drive around some spectacular scenery and locales. How much of it is accurate, I don’t know but it’s certainly pretty to look at. The roads never stay straight for too long either so you’ll have to constantly monitor your truck.

Look at this, I’m driving onto a barge to get from Britain to the rest of Europe.

I can’t say how accurate the truck driving is, having never driven one, but it feels hefty. You need to plan ahead for turns and brakes, as trucks take a long time to do either. After playing this, I really understand the wide right turns signs trucks have now. More times than I want to admit, I have gotten my cargo stuck on right turns.

As for driving, you have multiple choices from simple, to full manual gear shifting. Being the truck driving pussy that I am, I opted to go for the simplest controls. Press Up Arrow Key, truck goes forward. Press Down Arrow Key, truck brakes/reverses. Press Left/Right Arrow keys, truck turns. Nice and easy.

Ignore the fact that I am about to run into something. The driving scheme is nice and easy.

The inside of the trucks is very nicely modeled too, though there are no hands for some reason. You use your telekinesis to steer the truck.

The game is pretty robust. You have a lot of quick jobs where you drive around from one city to another, delivering stuff. You get paid and experience for completing jobs. What can you use exp for? Buying skill points. That’s right, there are skill points in this game.

The one actually levelling up is the driver. This is me, on the top right corner.

I look rad, don’t I?

Now as for money, what can you use that for?

Buying gasoline! Now I don’t know if this is just how trucks work but I am pumping hundreds of liters into my tank and that’s didn’t even get me a full tank. Either that or I misread something. Getting gas isn’t so important in the early game since I’m using other people’s trucks.

You can also pay tolls! So many times I stop just short of the window (because I don’t know how to drive a truck) and have to scoot up slowly interact with the booth.

But actually, money is used to buy your own truck, multiple trucks in fact. You can pimp them out with addons too. Hiring agencies allow you to hire other drivers to work for you. You’ll soon have a trucking empire. Hahaha.

Though I haven’t gotten up to that point yet. And I’m only using a demo so I don’t even know if I can reach that point.

Other features include, rain!

I am quite the sucker for rain, so I love rain effects in games. I have no idea if it effects truck handling though. I have yet to successfully pull off a drift.

Third Person Camera!

They actually have a lot of cameras attachments, such as on hood, on wheel, and many others. Even though 3rd person would be easier, I like first person inside cabin for that real truck driving feel.

While normal music within the game is minimal, they allow you to use your own music, or even link to internet radio. It’s quite awesome.

Though I really need more rap songs. One can only listen to Riding Dirty for 50 many times before it becomes old.

Every mission ends with an optional bonus of properly parking the trailer. This is actually quite difficult as the trailer has no direct control and just swings around.

Woops, just missed it.

Now I know a lot of times I sound sarcastic in this but I’m not. This is really an enjoyable game. I don’t know if its $40 enjoyable but you can download the demo to try it out.

Last picture.

Yo daw, I herd you like truck beds so I put truck beds on you truck bed so you can deliver while you deliver.

Get the game, or the demo at least, here.

And ride dirty.

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