Autumnal Waterfall 28 – Christmas Blood Money

An albino black bird found dead, police suspect fowl play is involved.

Last time, Agent 47 was in New Orleans and stopped the assassination of a policitican. This time, he’s attending a christmas party. Time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Nah, totally kidding. He’s here to kill the owner of the mansion and a guy that has too much of a wild side that it’s no longer worth keeping him around. The second target has been caught beating a hooker to death and the client wants Agent 47 to bury him and the evidence of his crime. Might as well kill the mansion owner while we’re at it.

So, time for Hitman: Blood Money: Christmas Edition: Ho’s ho’s ho’s.

It is just a nice and simple party.

Totally nice and wholesome party for a group of friends. Agent 47 just somehow got himself on the invite list. Nothing exciting happening at this Christmas party.

Well, except for the girls.

Aren’t you cold out there my dear?

This mansion belongs to a porn tycoon and all these guests are not personal friends. This is going to be one wild party, especially once the beat drops. And by beat, I mean bodies. And by drop, I mean drop.

As always, my first step is to look around and try to find a costume.To start with, I trick a waiter to go into the elevator and then strangle his ass while concealing him above the elevator where no one can see him. Then I stealth into a staff only area.

By climbing along the outside of the building. Why exactly I did that I have no idea since waiters could just walk in.

Once there, I subdue a guard, a much better disguise I think. Also there, I saw a bunch of knives so I decide to take one. A good knife to the throat is always an assassin-y thing to do.

Also, with my new guard’s uniform, the bartender thinks I could use a little help down under.

Pshaw, Agent 47 is always ready. I’ll show him. I’ll just walk up to this fine lady and chat her up.

Look at that, she’s already inviting me into a private room.

Also, this is the point in time I learned the true awesomeness of knives. You can throw them not just for distraction but also to do this.

Kapow! After this mission, I always pick up knives just to throw into people’s skulls. Just too awesome.

Sir, I’m afraid you’ve seen something you shouldn’t have. I’ll need to fix that.

So after taking care of him, I decided I’ve had enough fun at the party. Time to do some actual work. First off, let’s take care of the hooker killing bastard that’s not me.

This guy. What a player. To bad it’ll soo be game over for him.

After watching for a while, I notice he gets his drinks from the bar and doesn’t move from the pool. But I’m pretty sure I got a something from the bartender that will want to make him move. Let’s just go spike his drink.

Drink up. Okay, you’re wondering about that woman that happened to be in the exact same pose in both pictures. Somehow, she glitched in that playthrough and would not move by herself. Fortunately, she followed scripting to go with the target after he wants to get it on.

Did you also know it was possible to look through keyholes?

About what I was expecting I suppose. But they finish their business quickly.

And now he’s going outside for a smoke in a secluded area. The perfect time to strike.

Woops, guess he slipped of the balcony while smoking. You can see his body all the way down there.

Now to move on to the second target and retrieve the evidence tape. To do that, we walk up to the private area of the mansion where the tape is just sitting there in the security room. Swipe.

Also, look at the cute little doggy wandering around up here. Just look at him. Who want’s to be fed a drugged sausage? You do.


There’s a photoshoot going on up here. Just scenery

And eyecandy

We can safely ignore all of them and just walk into the owners private residence since we’re a guard.

The old guy doesn’t even realize someone is watching.

He’s just standing near the balcony, looking out at the view. I think you can tell what’s about to happen.

Yes! We tossed him off too.

Also as a future note: If you’re with me, don’t stand near a railing or ledge or something, I don’t know if I can control my dump people over the railing urges.

But that is that, both targets are dead and the tape is recovered. Mission succeeded.

Ghost ranking, not bad. I’m getting good at not leaving any witnesses.

Next target:

Definitely not a sexual deviant.

Also, taking a break on Christmas and probably New Years so no new posts.

Go now on a journey.

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