Autumnal Waterfall 27 – Harvey’s New Eyes

So, what’s going to happen this time? Well, I’m thinking some more adventure games! Now I won’t be doing a full playthrough of point and click puzzle adventure games because there’s generally only one way to go through the game. It’s not like my gameplay experience will be super unique. I do want to introduce you to some of the recent ones I’ve played and give my opinion on them.

So, which games am I going to talk about? Let’s start with Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes.

You can get the game from Steam, or DRM free from GOG. Or from other places online if you want to search for it.

Also, for this post, I will be using the officially supplied screenshots from Steam and wow are they huge.

The non American title of Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is just Harvey’s New Eyes since the main character of this game is Lilli.

A complete mute psycho. Look at those black dots she calls eyes, totally souless.

The game starts off with Lilli at a convent and you can guess that the Mother Superior is quite bad.

She makes Lilli do work while demeaning her though honestly, it’s not entirely unjustified. The first chapter is all about hilarious cruelty that everyone on the convent inflicts on each other.

The art style is quite stylistic as you can see and pretty cartoonish.

The puzzles are all pretty logical to solve, except for one that is totally illogical and yet you still know that it’s the correct answer. Talking to the characters provide the needed clues. What really helps is a button that highlights every interactable thing on the screen. No more pixel hunting! This means you can focus on trying to solve the puzzles instead of wondering if you have everything needed. A really nice feature.

The story is alright. They do bad things to the characters in the name of humor.

Guess what that is? The pink stuff with the ribs poking out and something that looks like a face? Well, it’s pretty obvious what it should be.

There is a dark hint to the game’s story like how most of the characters just aren’t right.

The end of the first chapter actually introduces a new mechanic to the game. Harvey and his new eyes.


Lilli is hypnotized to obey orders so certain actions can’t be performed. For example, Lilli needs to light a fire to see in the dark but she is restricted from playing with fire. THerefore, she needs to break the hypnotic control. The entire mechanic is really just to get more areas into the game though the dream areas where you break the control are all very intersting and some of the highlights of the game. You need to kill an evil Harvey representing each restriction in order to do those actions again.

That snowman Harvey is the don’t play with fire one. Looks like he’s sitting on a campfire logs doesn’t it? Better burn him. All of the restrictions are killed with an ironic death.

The game continues on with you breaking restrictions one by one while searching for Lilli’s friend, Edna. Each chapter is decently large with a lot of places to explore. The dream world also becomes part of the places you need to navigate.

A lone girl wandering around a town at night. I’m sure nothing will happen.

One part of the restrictions mechanic that I felt didn’t work was the fact that even after you destroy the evil Harvey’s you can only do one action at a time. Say you broke the No Playing With Fire and No Playing With Sharp Objects, you can only choose one of them to do at a time.

There is really no point during the game where it ever becomes a problem to switch when you need to so it kind of feels pointless and annoying to have.

A deep conspiracy runs through the game, I mean just look at that conpsiracy room.

Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

The voice acting works for the style of game I think. The characters are appropriately hammy or appropriately lacks a response to horrible situations.

Overall, the game is really good and I recommend it to fans of the genre. There are some puzzles that are presented more like a minigame but they’re optional. The game gives you an option to skip them.

Here is a picture of Lilli, on the left and Edna, on the right.

Those girls do lack noses and mouths when they aren’t using them.

Also, for a point and click puzzle adventure game, I must say this had an epic boss battle at the end that ties everything together. Wowwie, it was an awesome sequence. There’s no screenshots of it though so play the game to find out what it was.

You can get the game from Steam, or DRM free from GOG. The GOG one contains the previous game staring Edna as well. I think other places sell them too if you want to search around online.

Well, see you later Katyusha.

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