Autumnal Waterfall 26 – Blood Money

Agent 47 is stalking New Orleans to take out 3 black crows. Why do they got to be black huh?

Last time, we did absolutely no killing but wandered around, learned the lay of the land, and obtained some useful disguises. This time, all 3 birds are going down. And they will never see me coming.

Well, if you remember from last time, we got a waiters uniform because the guards only have 3 settings. Not shooting you, warning they will shoot you and shooting you. With the uniform, the guards will be in the not shooting you mode and you can wander around the three bars. Our target is in one of the bars

The very crappy upstairs portion of the bar apparently. He will wander around while waiting for the kill command but since I stopped the payment, the command will never come.

Just got to sneak up to him and, well, you know.

Use a fiber wire to choke the air out of him. Now, we can take his black crow costume but I didn’t.

I snuck back out of the bar and went back to the female crow playing lookout on the streets below. I notice something while following her last time. For one thing, she is not suspicious of Agent 47 at all. And two, well she likes to stop in some poor spots.

WAPOW! Pushed her down the stairs. You thought I was going to drop a piano on her didn’t you? Well nope.

Good day officer. This woman was like this when I got here.

I didn’t push her down the stairs to knock her out and then I didn’t shoot her in the head to finish her off. Not me.

Now that the two helpers have been taken cared of, time to go after the boss bird, the big bird if you will.

First, I’ll just mosey over to their hideout using the red crow costume and then I will take a yellow bird costume because I’m tired of red.

Yours will do nicely sir. Just stop struggling and I can stop choking you.

And now, with the yellow birds costume, I am free to go pretty much wherever in the bad guy’s hideout.

So of course I wander over to the building next door first  and noticed something weird.

See that book? I thought it was something secret, like a hidden passage or something but nope, it’s just a glitch in the graphics.

There is nothing useful for me in there so I wander back.

Hello boss. I am totally that guy standing watch outside. Why don’t you just go take a seat at your desk and let me stand watch?

Yes, just sit down and relax.

I guess he’s a frozen turkey now.

And for the final objective, retrieve the money case and leave the party.

Looking good Ageny 47, you smooth assassin you.

Here is my rating for this level.

Lots of violence, no witnesses. Some of the gaurds could have been subdued but I chose to use the fiber wire instead. Choking out chickens is just more interesting than sedating them.

Next target:

Definitely not based on Hugh Hefner.

Also, I do have Absolution and I have played it. Hmm, what do I think about it? It is a big departure from Blood Money that’s for certain.

I know I posted this somewhere else before but here it is again. Yay!

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