Autumnal Waterfall 25 – SnM S2 E4 P2

Gasp, what’s this? Two weeks in a row of Sam and Max? Well, yes. I decided to do this mainly because I forgot what I had done last week and already whipped up the Sam and Max photos. Well, I’m alright with it because this will be the last Sam and Max Season 2 blod post I do.

What about Episode 5, the last Episode? Well if you want to see it all come together, go buy the season! Official site here.

Now then, let us complete Sam and Max, Episode 4. Last time, we were trying to save Bosco as he inadvertently screwed up his own past. Our goal is to find the DNA of his father and fix him. Our second goal is to figure out why aliens are travelling around in time. Be warned, bad guy spoilers ahoy and yes, they have appeared in every previous Season 2 Episode though no, I have not taken a single screenshot of them. (Maybe).

Lets get the DeLorean up to speed and hit it.

After wandering through time with the birthdater, it’s time to go to Mama Bosco’s birthday and see what she’s been doing. From the looks of things, she was visiting the White House at the time looking for a suitable man to steal DNA from.

And would you look at that, it’s Superball!

Through clean living and excercise, the man looks exactly the same back thirty or so years ago as he does today. Yes, that is the same Superball, not a previous agent with the same name and look. Oh, what’s he doing right now? He’s just wiping your memory. You won’t even remember having read this article.

But let’s get some of his spit and see if he’s Bosco’s dad.

No. Oh dear great googly moogly no. Get rid of it, bring back Boscow.

Though there’s another reason to go to the White House and that is to use our knowledge of the future to get a patent on someone elses invention.

Hahaha. Hahahahahaha. Sam and Max, total dicks to everyone. I most adventure games I like happen to be jerk simulators. How hilariously can you screw people over to get to your goal.

Sam and Max are not immune to this as well. When I travelled one year to the past, past Sam and Max stole the time machine forcing current Sam and Max to relive their last year just to catch up again. Total dicks, even to past and future versions of themselves.

And now that I have a monopoly on Tar Cakes, uh… stuff related to the puzzle happens. Are we any closer to fixing Bosco? Not until Mama Bosco stops gushing over Max because his aloof attitude towards her is a turn on. To fix this, we mess with Sam and Max’s own past, turning Max into a ladies man.

Somehow, he still decides it’s more fun to hang around with Sam so no worries about Max suddenly not being Sam’s partner anymore.

And we also got Bosco’s real dad’s DNA. It’s the president! Though we never see the president in person, we just take it off of one of his personal items.

And now, to face down with the time travelling bad guys that has been causing problems the previous three episodes. It’s, shockingly, an alien.

Illegal alien. And it’s not just one of them but three! And they introduce themselves in a rather rad song and dance number for they are mariachis.

And they use the time machine to travel to everyone’s birthday at any time and any where just to sing a birthday song for them. The jerkwads must be stopped for they bought their time travelling spaceship from a very shady person who demands souls.

Technically, there is only one alien. The three of them are all different age versions of the same guy because time travel!

In order to beat them, Sam and Max will have to go to (imagine a loud, echoing voice) the beginning of time.

It is a verifiable smorgasborg of nothing. But wait, what’s that over in the distance?

Why, it’s a chicken. Yes! The entire Season 2 has all been leading up to answer the question, What came first, the chicken or the egg. And the chicken wings. Wings. WINGS.


And that little red blob is the universe before the Big Bang, better not poke it.

Anyway, after using the horrors of the beginning of time to scare away the ship’s crew, we set the spaceship on a course to some unreachable place in time, where it will never be seen again. But Bosco’s lost his soul and Sam and Max have to follow to the final episode where they will save Bosco once and for all and fight the true big bad.

That is it for Sam and Max, season 2. Once again, if you want to find out what happens, go purchase it. The official website is here but it’s also available in a lot of places.

So long and see you some other time.

Oh yeah, the space ship has the shape of a sombrero. Awesome isn’t it?

Warning. Warning. Approaching the end of time.

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