Autumnal Waterfall 24 – SnM S2 E4

Sam and Max are back and this is it. This is the episode where things start to all come together. What does corporate horrors being sent to Santa Claus have to do with Bermuda Triangles and Moai Heads have to do with a vampire running a zombie factory in Germany? Everything will be revealed.


To start off the adventure this time, Sam, Max and Flint Paper have discovered that Bosco is missing. Flint Paper has been hired to keep a tabs on the paranoid store clerk and he has seen none of Bosco for a long time. So what to do?

Bust down the door with guns blazing of course.

There’s no one in the store but there is a room in the back that is locked by a keycode. Maybe we can find some way to get into that room and get some answers.

Is that the code? I think that’s the code.

Oh, the big room that’s being locked? It’s the bathroom. But there are all sorts of crazy conspiracy stuff going on in there as well as some model volcanos. Curious.

Well, the only thing to do is to start an eruption using the old science trick of vinegar in baking soda.


Bigger indeed. So big that it blew a hole in the ceiling. And now Sam and Max find out that the volcano erupting was actually a signal. A signal to aliens!

And the aliens think that we’re asking for a pickup, uh oh. Flint Paper is outside guarding the door so he’s safe but Sam and Max are right underneath the UFO and they’re getting sucked up. Where will they wind up?

This is Episode 4

Sam and Max, Intergalactic Freelance Police riding around on UFOs and taking down the perps.

Or they could just wander around horribly confused.

After some tinkering and some asking questions of the ship’s AI, the elevator type thing in the back is actually a time travel device. What dastardly plans do the aliens have for a time travelling device?

Oh, and we found Bosco.

Or should I say, Boscow, ahuh ahuh. And somehow he’s female now.

He accidentally messed with the space time continuum and messed up who his father was supposed to be. Not to worry, Sam and Max are on the case. They’re going to go through time and hopefully not make things worse while trying to fix Boscow.

First stop, the scene where it happened. The day of Bosco’s birth at his mother’s store.

And say hello to Mama Bosco. That’s her name. Really.

We find a very useful birthdater here that will give the birthday of anyone we scan. It just so happens that this is the device Bosco made to interact with the time machine so we can go to any of the dates that land on people’s birthday. So let’s start with Max’s birthday.

Aw, they look so cute. And spoilers, Sam made Bluster Blaster. He never mentioned it before because no one asked.

And look, it’s Grandpa Stinky, not new Girl Stinky whom everyone is pretty certain killed Grandpa Stinky.

Why yes, I do want to walk into a restaurant and order something to eat.

Though it doesn’t seem we can do anything else here other than get some information on future tasks. Lets see, where to next. How about Sam’s birthday?

Ohh dear. Oooohh dear. Sam’s gone senile in his old age. Talking to old Sam reveals he talks in nothing but how he can’t do/eat/use x with y now. All those years of adventuring have finally broken Sam. So sad.

But current Sam is still fit and on the case. Will they fix Bosco, find out next time on  Sam and Max: Season 2: Episode 4: Chariot of the Dogs: Part 2.

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