Autumnal Waterfall 23 – Blood Money

Man protected by FBI found dead, police suspect blood money is involved.

Agent 47 is attenting a festival this time. I think it’s a festival. And it’s in New Orleans! But it’s not Mardi Gras. The target this time is 3, count em, 3 other assassins and their target is a politician.

As far as I know, this is the only missions with a time limit. If the other assassins kill the politician, you lose. Though it is trivially easy to remove that time limit. I removed it my first time around without really being sure of what I was doing. I’ll show you just how to stop the assassins from ever doing anything, so let’s get started.

How to stop the assassination from taking place? That guy in the red bird suit, carrying the briefcase, stop him. Just do something so that the briefcase that contains the payment does not get into the hands of the black birds and they’ll never move since they haven’t been paid yet.

It’s that easy.

Let’s follow him to see where he goes. And it looks like quite a party out there.

There is the politician on his float. Oh, shooting him yourself also fails the mission. It’s obvious but yeah.

Anyway, the bird sticks out easily since they’re the only ones in full costume. So just follow him to a

follow him to a really convenient and empty location where he decides to stop and take a cigarette break.

Hey there. That’s a very nice case of diamonds you have there. Since you’re lacking in oxygen, I’ll just help myself. And look at that, there is a dumpster right over there.

Looks like Agent 47 read To Kill a Mockingbird and he’s a pro at it. Now we need to stash the suitcase somewhere safe because like real life, the police get suspicious about suitcases left alone somewhere. Just simply take it back to the hotel room. But wait, look at that.

It’s one of our targets.

Hello there. Don’t mind me. I’m not thinking about killing you or anything like that. Really.

And I mean really since I don’t know how to kill her yet. Let’s just let her walk around. One time, I decided to follow her entire route and boy is it long. It pretty much goes around the entire street level and she makes pauses in every back alley. Unfortunately, the back alleys usually have one or more people lurking around. But I’ll find some way to get rid of them.

I’m a bird of prey, stalking the skies, spying my targets.

From the skies I fly and before you know it, good night.

And in a flash, it is like I was never there at all. The evidence has been erased.

Good night.

Oh, and I only got a waiters uniform because the guards in this area are twitchy. Every bar is having a theme night and do you know the punishment for going into a bar out of costume? It’s death.

Like all other AI in this game, the guard’s AI is pretty simple. They have only 2 methods of dealing with illegal activities, ask the person doing it to stop, or shoot them in the face. Even if said activity is bumping someone or going into a bar without the right costume, just shoot them.

A waiter is staff though so I can walk inside the bars freely.

Oh Agent 47, you blend in like a chameleon.

Next time, we actually take out our intended targets and not some random people walking around! Also, Hitman: Absolution is coming out in a few days. Agent 47 is back for more. Don’t expect that anytime soon though, we’re barely halfway through Bloodmoney.

And now for something not blood money related at all.

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