Autumnal Waterfall 22 – SnM S2 E3 P2

Sam and Max are on the case and the case is filled with guns and nachos.

Last time, Sam and Max went to Germany to find out the cause of a sudden zombie. It turned out to be the work of an emo vampire with nipple rings. Seeeeriously. Well, shooting him doesn’t work so now we must destroy his coolness factor with his zombies, then the zombies will stop listening to him.

Let’s go.

This I cannot explain. But *spoilers* it has something to do with making Jurgen, the emo vampire look uncool. Well, not exactly but I’m sure you can figure it out if you actually have the game. Oh wait, I just explained it.

And to deal another blow to his coolness, we’ll beat him in emo poetry.

Look at that dark angsty name. And look how innocent Max is while saying it. That will really hurt Jurgen for sure.

Haha, take that Jurgen! Now that I have defeated his coolness, he’s retreated. After him!

To his secret chambers Sam and Max goes and woops, it turns out that Jurgen is actually quite capable of kicking the ass of a dog and rabbity thing.

Well, that’s it. Game is over we lost. Oh well, time to move on because there is just no way to beat Jurgen. He’s much to manly and

Oh wait, we’re back, as zombies. Braaaaains. And as a side effect, we can talk to the other zombies now while normal humans are no longer able to understand us.

This is our buddy and fellow detective, Flint Paper. And no Flint, don’t do it! Sam and Max would rather stay as zombies than be shot. Even though getting shot most likely wouldn’t hurt them since shooting every other zombie had no ill effect.

Still, he’s blocking the way back up to the secret chamber and we can’t ask him to move since he can’t understand us. I didn’t want to have to do this Flint Paper but oh well, too bad.

We took him out, gently. He’ll be okay soon.

Now we need to find some way to return Sam and Max to life. Fortunately, their souls are still around.

Unfortunately, their souls are ungrateful jackasses that don’t want to return. This calls for some more forceful measures. Now, what can be used to return a soul back to the original body? Hmm, if only we had some punny device to do that for us. Like the Soulmater.

Well what do you know, our neighbor has one. It’s purpose is to find ones soul mate but nothing states that it can’t mate souls back to the original body. So just need to figure out how to get it from her.

How about this?

This, this makes no sense at all even within the context of the game. And it certainly isn’t getting us closer to our goal.

But after some more dickery, we manage to snatch the Soul-mater from Sybill while crushing many hearts along the way.

Now, it’s fime for payback Jurgen.


Of course Sam and Max wins. Zombies gone. Everyone is happy. Time to go home. That’s it for Episode 3 of Sam and Max Season 2. Coming up next time, the truth behind the people behind all the events and the man behind the man behind everything.

Huzzah the chorus guy rules. Warning, spoilers for Deponia if you happen to speak German and also spoilers for all towards the end, after the third sceneshift around 1:37.

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