Autumnal Waterfall 20 – SnM S2 E3

It’s time for the next installment of Sam and Max, Season 2, now on Episode 3. Oh joy.

Last time, our dog (Sam) and rabbity thing (Max) solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle through point and click hijinx where nothing they do will cause them to lose. But this episode is different. This is an episode where death the possible! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee

To start, it’s just a normal day in the neighborhood.

Oh. Never mind.

Oh it’s on now. And yay, we’re free to shoot the zombies with our gun. Unfortunately, they don’t really react, or care. These are nice zombies that just want to shuffle around. But we still need to take care of them. So what to do? Give them free sample CD’s shot out of the back of a car by a disc launcher of course.

Of course.

And now that all the zombies have sample CD’s it’s time to actually figure out where they came from. They come from Stuttgart, Germany from a place known as the zombie factory.

Yes. Sam and Max drove all the way to Germany. And they’ll go back to their office. And back here again. Multiple times in the same day. Because their car is awesome.

First and foremost, there’s a line of zombies waiting to get in? And there’s a bouncer stopping us from getting in? Noooooooooo.

Oh, also this is my favorite character in the games. Agent Superball. Superball is a nickname of course and it is related to what he does. See, he’s a bouncer. A super ball is a type of ball that is great at bouncing. It’s a word play on how a super ball is a great bouncer and thus, the bouncer has the nickname Superball. To elaborate further bouncer is a homonym, that is words that are spelled and pronounced alike with different meanings. See, the type of bouncer Superball is is a guard. We take the bouncing meaning of reflected against a surface while losing some energy of a super ball and apply that to the same word with a different meaning. That makes it funny. Comedy is the subversion of expectations you see. So mathematically, Superball’s name is hilarious.

Anyway, Sam and Max go to rob some graves to find a brain. Brains are a zombies favorite food after all.

Ah, now that they’re all distracted, Sam and Max are now next in line. Time to get in and put an end to this

Very old fashioned night club? The Zombie Factory isn’t a place they make zombies, it’s a place where zombies come to hang out! And here comes the owner.

Jurgen. Also, looking at that photo behind him, I don’t think that’s an approved use of nipple rings. Also, this guy is still manlier than Twilight vampires since he can kill people in a game with no death.  That’s right, he kills Sam and Max!

But not yet! First, let’s dance.

Does Sam have the right moves? Will Sam and Max survive the death trap? Find out next time! Oh, and they don’t survive the spike trap so there.

Bo Peep Bo Peep

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