Autumnal Waterfall 2 – Doing nothing in Steelport

I guess I will do the first post now. This is me doing absolutely nothing of value in a sandbox game purely because I can. And that is what’s so great about these kinds of games and why I really like them. This game in particular, is Saint’s Row: The Third. Where over the top dicking around is encouraged.

Note: Warning, picture heavy. Do not try any of the following at home. Also, I do not have anything against the hos. The hos are nice people that should be treated well. Reader advisory in also effect. These screenshots do not represent any of Volition or THQ’s intended gameplay or their stance towards the hos

Also, click on the pictures to get a bigger version.

Just driving around on a lovely night in Steelport. It looks like a nice night to go out on the town…

…in my Sad Panda costume.

Hello, I would like to purchase some of your fine wares.

Which I will then use on this motherf*$%ing Emu!

Maybe I’ll go see a show.

But some business to take care of first. Now, where’s my money ho? Don’t make me do this. See how sad I am when I do this?

Me and my pimp. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I mean he’s my pimp, as in I’m the boss. Not the other way around. Ya know?

Now seriously, the other one wouldn’t pay up, so where’s my money ho?

Darn, I missed the snapshot but I threw her off since she wasn’t paying up.

Don’t worry, she’s alright, just a bit shaken up.

Well, I think that about does it for the night, time for- Emu!

And finally, I will leave you with the trailer for Saints Row: The Third as well as the full version of the song.

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