Autumnal Waterfall 19 – Blood Money

No one found dead yet. Police still suspects blood money.

If you remember from last time, Agent 47 had just gotten the information on the target and is now on the hunt. There is one target and two bonus targets for more money. Also, if you have actually played the level and looked around, you’ll probably already know who are the three targets. Hint, they’re the only ones wearing colored patient’s clothes.

Now, to take all three of them out and get paid.

Here is target one. Just working out.

Hmm, it would be a real shame if he were to have a workout accident wouldn’t it? But oh hey, he’s taking a walk right now. Let’s follow him.

Would you look at that.

No, not the peeing boy. The bottle next to him. This is the green target’s secret stash of alcohol. Well, he’s taken a drink and walked away for now. It would be a real shame if someone was to poison it or something.




TIme fo target two. Very simple, the game (on my easier difficulty) even points out where this ones secret stash of alcohol is.

The old hollow globe trick. It would be a real shame if someone was to poison it. Muahaha.


Not a problem. Now for the third target, the blue man. His secret stash of alcohol is in the kitchen. It would certainly be a real shame if someone were to poison it.

It would. But Agent 47 only has 2 doses of poison per mission, which he used already. Guess we need to find another way to take out the third target. Time to look around some more and find out that he has a room on the second floor. There is also a balcony that connects his room to another room. Might be a good place to sneak in.

Sneaky sneaky. Also, this level has one of my favorite weapons. To bad it’s only available here. You can see Agent 47 holding it right now, a stun gun! It is near instant knockout on anyone and has infinite uses. Aw yeah.

Now let’s just go in. Do some business, go out.

It wasn’t me! I didn’t do anything! Just be cool and walk away all casual like. They don’t suspect a thing.

And on to the final objective, save Agent Smith and escape. Real easy.

Onward and outward we go to new missions.

Here is my mission breakdown.

All three bodies found but no witnesses. A bit of violence and I forgot my suit. Could be better but pretty good.

Next target:

Totally not under the protection of the FBI

And also, this doesn’t sound too bad.

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