Autumnal Waterfall 18 – SnM S2 E2 P2

Welcome back to Sam and Max, Season 2, Episode 2 for more pointing and clicking and general badassery.

Previously, Sam and Max wound up on Easter Island, which happens to house the Bermuda Triangle, and a whole bunch of other triangles. There were babies on the island, taking Easter heads, the head of the statue of Abraham Lincoln!

Sam and Max’s goal, to stop the infestation of triangles running amok. Will they succeed? Yeah, probably. Will everyone be better off? Probably not.

Last we left off, Sam and Max were trying to get into a cave guarded by a baby with a gun. Sam, being the wimp that he is, won’t shoot someone that has a gun for fear of being shot himself so they need to find some way in.

Oh, this cave here.

Totally now a tourist trap.

Well, let’s take a look see for what else is on the island. Babies, picnics, heads, oh, look at that. It’s the fountain of youth!

*Dramatic lightning effect*

And for some reason, I decided it would be fun to make Sam and Max drink it too.

Okay, there’s technically a reason but it’s puzzles, it’s long and it’s complicated. Or not. They want the free kiddy meal at the diner!

Also, what happens when you let a baby drink from the fountain of youth? Apparently they pop out of existence. Oh well, at least we’re free to go into the cave now. What’s underneath?

Of course it’s that. But like all adventure game characters that are not you, they are there to get into your way and like always, you can’t just shoot them with your gun. Luckily, you can make Max (the rabbit) into their high priest by making three things foretold in the prophecy come true.

Would you look at that, one of them is almost true, just got to get another ear and we’ll have a likeness of Max.

Second part, got to make the feet wiggle. Perhaps a real toe tapping tune could do it? Hmm? HMM? Wiggle feet, wiggle.

Yes, by feet we mean the feet of the Easter heads that were above the island. This cave is right under them you see.


This happened. Uh, yeah.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the actual third task but anyway, we got Max to become the high priest somehow. Now he has access to the volcano machine and something something. I think I’m missing some steps between find out what’s going on with Bermuda triangle’s to the island’s volcano has been set to blow up.

It all worked out in the end somehow. Crisis averted, triangles stopped. Sam and Max can head on home after another well solved case.

Oh wait. It looks like aliens have just taken the Easter Island heads. And boy are they weird looking (the Easter heads, not the aliens). What’s going on? Find out next time on Sam and Max, Season 2, Episode 3!

Also, here is some random non toe tappable music.

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