Autumnal Waterfall 17 – Blood Money

Opera singer found dead, police suspect blood money is involved.

Agent 47 is back and this time, he has a longer mission. This mission is broken up into two parts. The first part is saving another agent that botched up his assassination assignment. The location, a treatment facility for abusers of alcoholism. Only the cured or the dead may leave.

Spoilers, they (probably) aren’t an evil organization, just really tough on the patients.

Second spoilers, the first semblance of an overarching in mission plot starts in this mission. Though there are always newspaper articles in post mission debriefs that I never showed. The articles in their are also part of the plot. And the cutscenes of course.

Now then, let’s save Agent Smith, if that is his real name.

First off, we need to get a disguise. As I have said before, I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet but always nice to have one.

Nothing suspicious at all back here officer. Just keep on walking.

Now that I have a patient’s disguise, I am able to walk around freely inside the facility. Oh, I also dragged the body out and dumped him in the dumpster after the guard left.

Hello fine receptionist. I am here to partake in the curing of my alcoholism and am in not way plotting anything dastardly. May I enter? Yes? Thank you.

Also, the inside of this place has so many doors that I get turned around quite easily. Good thing there’s our super gps map. The first order of business is to find the agent so just start wandering around and mapping out the place.

Hello doctor. No, I do not have time to talk right now, thank you for your concern.

Also look at these guys. They aren’t patients that’s for sure. Hint, they are guards for the eventual target that I don’t know about yet since I don’t have the information from the other agent. I see your earpiece there sir.

After looking around, I have deduced that the agent is in a location a normal patient can’t get to so time to pick up a better disguise. A guards one should do nicely.

Sneaky sneaky, out of the facility and into the back. There is a utility box on the wall down there. Time to break it and see who comes out to fix it.


Now that I have a guards uniform, I take the keycard and security footage as well and head into the medical wing where they keep the troublesome patients.

Just some weird, glitchy blood I encountered after accidentally going somewhere I wasn’t supposed to. They sure react violently to trespassing.

Apparently, guards are not allowed in here so I need another disguise change.

Ew orderlies. So creepy. Especially the bald ones with the barcode on the back of their head that just likes standing behind you, watching. Now, with the orderly disguise, we can go everywhere because they are the highest rank apparently.

Found Agent Smith. Now, who is the target we need to kill? Find out next time on HItman: Blood Money, The Moneying

Also, remember not to short change your hero.

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