Autumnal Waterfall 16 – SnM S2 E2


Welcome to Sam and Max, Season 2, Episode 2. If you forgot, previously on episode 1, Sam and Max caused the death of Santa. What will they get into next?

Also for the uninitiated, Sam and Max is a point and click game where you are encouraged to try everything. A lot of the fun in the game comes from doing random stuff and seeing the character’s comments, something that I not conveyed well with screenshots.

Anyway, moving right along, let’s get started!

This is the first thing you see. The Bermuda Triangle is attacking and it’s after Sybill! Sybill, your local, friendly woman engaged to the head of Abraham Lincoln. Really.

And after some quick figuring out, you realize that they respond to symbols and colors. Random puzzle spoilers. The symbol for stop is an octagon and the color is red, fancy that.

Now that it’s stopped, the sensible thing to do is to go in and find out what’s on the other side of course.

It’s time for Moai Better Blues! That’s right, we’re on Easter island.

And here are the heads of Easter Island. All three have a special power that you’ll need to take advantage of. And of course all three are being butt munches and not doing their power when you want them to.

Also on Easter Island, babies of famous people!

That’s some pure hot naked Amelia Earhart on the left of the baby trio there.

And also an annoying baby guarding the entrance to a cave I want to go into.

Also, creepiest crying face ever.

Now, you’re goal on the island is to figure out what caused the triangle to appear in your neighborhood and to put a stop to it. Generally, you doing that by going around and being dicks to people. Such as the half buried moai, whom you annoy repeatedly just to get him to show off his powers.

Also you eventually vanish Baby Jimmy Hoffa out of existence, because Sam is to scared to shoot another person with a gun.

Yeah, Sam and Max both carry guns but don’t expect to shoot them at anyone that matters. They’ll always find some excuse not to do it or the target won’t be hurt by bullets. The gun is a purely non violent puzzle solving device, imaging that.

This. This makes perfect sense. Perferct Sense.

Like the first one, the puzzles are generally possible to figure out if you think about it for a bit. There was one puzzle I was stuck on because I had been thinking about it wrong and was unable to change my thinking. Some guy wanted a train sound and I thought you had to get a recording of it from the answering machine in your office that happened to be near some train tracks where trains actually run. Boy was I wrong on that one.

So I used the in game hint system.

The hints generally steer you towards the right answer but are not too specific. They slowly get more specific though for those that are really stuck.

And instead of figuring out the mystery of Easter Island, let’s go back and do some more driving mini games!

We’ll solve the mystery at a later date.

Sam and Max official website is here.

And he rode a blazing saddle.

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