Autumnal Waterfall 15 – Blood Money

Some guys found dead, police suspect blood money is involved.

Well, after the successful killing of a father and son drug running operation, Agent 47 is now heading to the opera for his next assignment.

This mission. Ugh, this mission. The first time I did it, it must have taken me over an hour because I was still seriously overestimating the AI at this point. But whatev’s. Let’s get into it.

Our target this time is a human trafficking organization run by an ambassador and an opera singer. So the best time to get them both is during rehearsal where the ambassador likes to watch.

Tosca is the name of this show. But it doesn’t really matter. Agent 47 isn’t here to watch, he’s here to work.

First off, I need a disguise. I’m not sure what I’ll need it for yet but it’s always good to have a disguise. Just got to sneak into this employee only area, find an employee, and then

Look at that, there is a convenient box to dispose of the body right behind me. How nice.

And now that we have a disguise, we can walk around the backstage and working area unimpeded. This place is actually pretty confusing. I’ve been here a few times (to try and get a better rating than this performance) and there are a lot of halls and stairs going everywhere. Just going to try going through random doors, learning the layout of this place first.

Woops, sorry ladies. I was not aware. Really.

Also, on this same floor are the actor’s changing rooms. Just look at this yokel walking around not suspecting a thing.

Just look at that.

Now why didn’t I kill him right then and there? Well, for one thing there are guards but that wasn’t the main reason. And this brings me to why this level was so ugh for me the first time around.

I thought that if I killed the singer, the ambassador would get worried and leave, thus ruining the mission. On the other side, I also thought that if the ambassador died, the singer would get worried and leave.

Also, this is a very patient game, especially when trying to do things stealthily and for the first time. There is a lot of waiting for NPC’s to do stuff and sometimes, their routines are very long. A lot of my time was spent watching the map and NPC paths. A lot of future missions are also spent doing the same, learning schedules and stuff.

That’s why I spent almost an hour wandering around try to figure out how to kill them simultaneously. I took that long because the ambassador does not move from his luxury box at all. The most he does is stand up. And he has a ton of guards all around and no one can enter the luxury box, not even other guards. I was watching the map looking for any opportunity to either get in or for him to get out.

I’m pretty sure I took so long that all the other AI routine messed up as the singer no longer followed his normal routine adding to the frustration.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to kill the ambassador but couldn’t (since spoilers: the right way is to kill him after the singer). Eventually I just decided to drop a bomb in the area right next to him.

And then, as the singer was coming onto the stage, shoot the singer, trigger the bomb and then run out of there.

That was my brilliant plan to kill both of them at the same time. As I found out later, yeah, no. Failing the missions is a lot harder than I initially thought. Now I mentioned before that the AI wasn’t designed to be the best and that it probably gave a more empowering stealth experience that way. If only I had known that at this point in time.

Whatev’s, both targets are dead, I ran to the exit and here are my ratings. I might show off the proper way to do the mission at a later date.

As you can see, quite a lot of noise and violence. I got the hoodlum rating. Oh well, at least I’m out of there for now.

Next target

We are not supposed to kill him. What a tweest!

3rd Eye

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