Autumnal Waterfall 14 – SnM S2 E1 P2

That stands for Sam and Max, Season 2, Episode 1, Part 2, just so you know.

Also, spoilers will be in this post, just a warning. No puzzle spoilers but plot spoilers. And really, the plot works quite well.

Short recap of part 1, Sam and Max is a dog and rabbity thing respectively and they are the freelance police. Their case? Find out why Santa went crazy. Also, this is a point and click game of puzzle solving. It is (nearly) impossible to die so feel free to try everything.

Bringing the pain.

Oh, Santa wasn’t really crazy. He was defending himself from his possessed elf. From the Shambling Corporate Presence. Oh, and spoilers have started.

That thing. Shambling Corporate Presence.

Not only did you exorcise the SCP, you also tricked Santa out of his office and now the SCP is chasing Santa around. Woopsy. Also, the exorcising was an amusing gathering of the Four Horseman which all coincidentally got sent to the street Sam and Max live on.

New character and one of the owners of the Four Horseman, Girl Stinky.

Definitely did not kill the original owner of the restuarant, Grandpa Stinky.

Second horseman, time for a minigame from the COPS! That’s Computer Obsolewhateverspelling Prevention Society. They also provide you with rad car decals (which are really just stickers).

I bowled a perfect 100.

Third horseman, uh, I don’t think I remembered to take a picture of who had it. And I can’t remember of the top of my head. So I suppose you recieve no spoiler for that one.

Last horseman is owned by the lovably crazy Bosco.

Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering how the horseman could be sent around, they are actually the Four Horseman action figures.

After collecting all four, and an old vinyl record about exorcising, because that’s just the way to do it, we start the ritual. Let’s go.

And that brings us back to stopping the SCP from devouring Santa. We do that by releasing the Christmas spirits, quite literally from a bottle of wine.

They all look like Santa for some reason.

Now in order to charge them up, we need to go to Christmas Past, Present and Future to right some wrongs caused by Sam and Max. And boy are they really big wrongs.

Also, the game is usually broken up into several concurrent tasks and once all those tasks are done, the next set opens. For the most part, what you’re supposed to do is stated clearly so all you need to figure out is why you need a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle to do it. Note: there is no rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle in this game.

Now this is Christmas future. Sam and Max’s future.

How did they end up in this position? Find out in a future episode you silly duckling.

Anyway, fix that and on to the present. It wasn’t graphically interesting so there is no screenshot of it. Oh well. And now, forward to the past!

This makes perfect sense in game. What makes no sense is that after playing Sam and Max I think there is ever a situation where this makes perfect sense.

Also, Sam and Max are real jerks. Not only do you beat that rat and shatter his dream of becoming a pro boxer, he is now about to suicide in the present because his wife left him in the past after he lost. Only his wife didn’t really leave, you kidnapped her to bring her to the present and stop him from suiciding.

Time travel, it’s awesome.

And now with past, present and future fixed, the spirits can do their thing.


SCP gone, problem fixed, episode 1 over! Oh, and Santa died too. Woopsy.

Sam and Max Website

Youtube video of randomness.

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