Autumnal Waterfall 13 – Blood Money

Amusement park owner found dead. Police suspect blood money is involved.

Welcome to Hitman: Blood Money the first mission. Last time, we did the tutorial level, Death of a Showman. Now, it is time for the firstt level, Vintage Year. Here, we are sneaking into the house of a drug runner in, I want to say, Chile(?) I don’t quite remember. The drug lord is holding a wine party so it is the perfect time to blend in and infiltrate.

The targets are the father and the son. Let’s get started.

Now, in the easer difficulties, the help that Agent 47 gets is really high. I mean, the agency has the best GPS available.

Look at it, they color code things and tell you where everyone is facing. Now, I have played on a higher difficulty level and on that, only the targets are pointed out. As for the colors, green is you, grey is random civilians, yellow are guards, blue (not shown) are police and red are targets. Exclamation points are areas of interest that you can possibly use, or not.

For every mission, there are various ways to off your target from simply running and gunning (though you will likely die on higher difficulties) to stealth. You can poison the targets, stab them in the back or even push people off cliffs.

Woops, I think that might be too out in the open. Oh well.

Also, each mission must be completed in one sitting. There are self made checkpoints but those are erased when you leave. The checkpoints are self made in the sense that you can save a limited number of times per mission. The easiest setting has unlimited saves while the hardest has no saves.

Here I am, stalking one of my potential targets.

The one in pink, not the guy with the ponytail.

And here I am, sneaking up on him. No, he can’t see me even though he is starting to turn around. Just got to get to him fast.

What I am using is the fiber wire, one of the tools I use the most. It’s quite and leaves no blood for people to find, very nice.

And this is me getting rid of an annoying patrolling guard. I actually did this before I killed the guy above since he was looking right into the room.

Yes, I pushed him into the wine. And yes, that actually killed him. Agent 47′s greatest power is insta killing people that touch water. I am not kidding when I say that in a later level, I knocked someone out and as I was dragging them, their hand touched some water and the person died.

Now AI in this game isn’t particularly smart, but I’m okay with that. So for instance if one guard (or even all the guards) goes missing, the entire place doesn’t go on lockdown. This gives you time to plan and watch everyone. In pretty much all the missions, there is no time pressure. I really like taking it slow, watching people and then killing them.

Anyway, the second target is in the house. He occasionally goes onto the balcony. You know what that means, time to push him off.

I have no idea. Just no idea. But he’s dead, both targets down, time to escape.

But look! A guard is in my way. I’ll have to handle it.

What? He’s sleeping? Nonsense, better shoot him just to be safe.

Oh, and I should really get my suit back as leaving it, or any custom weapons in the level is a penalty.

At the end of every stage, you are ranked. The quieter you are and the less violence you use, the better the payout. Of course, they also have ranks for things were you kill everyone, that rank is Terrorist.

Here is mine on the first time I finished the level.

Pretty violent and somehow, I left 2 witnesses. Guess I didn’t shoot enough people in the head. Oh well.

Next target.

Mi mi mi mi mi don’t kill miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Wah wah wah

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