Autumnal Waterfall 11 – Blood Money

Police suspect blood money is involved.

Hitman: Blood Money that is.

Hitman is a game where in you play a hitman and you take out hits on people. You are Agent 47, clone super assassin.

I just have to say that this kind of game is extremely fun. You can play it how you want. Stealth, Rambo, kill everyone in your way, kill only the targets, there are lots of options. Within the levels, the game presents you with many ways to get to where you need to go or kill your targets. What’s fun is that on harder difficulties, very few is hinted at leaving you to figure everything out. Of course, I decided to play on Normal mode since I am a wimp.

But stalking through the varied levels is fun, especially slowly taking out the enemy and hiding them in various ways. Now, let’s get on with the first target.

That man lying dead is Agent 47. Wonder how that came about?

Anyway, the first mission is a tutorial. Now what I find fun and very fitting with the openness of the game is that you can pretty much ignore the tutorial instructions and just do it your way though admittedly, the tutorial level is a lot more fenced in. Still, if you don’t want to sneak by a group of gangsters, feel free to shoot them.

We are in an abandoned amusement park after this man. Joseph “Swing King” Clarence.

An accident in his amusement park caused the death of some people and now the relatives want revenge.

Honestly, I kind of feel sorry for him. As the mission goes on, you’ll see that his life is pretty much in shambles right now and he’s getting bullied by a gang that’s taken up space in his land. You even see his golden Ferris wheel award all bent on his desk, aww. But we still got to kill him.

First up, take out the door guard. No problem.

There are some other stuff going on within the level that doesn’t pertain to our objectives but it is a nice touch to see that not everything revolves around what you’re doing. For example this guy right here, abusing a lawyer. Though I took care of him.

Oh, and I killed the lawyer afterwards.

Continuing on, I disposed of some guards and then hit in the closet when someone came to investigate.

The man must be thinking, Hmm, wasn’t there two guards here before? And look at all the blood. But wait, they left the money unguarded! Now I’m rich!

You poor, poor sap. Killed and stripped naked. Now I have my first disguise.

Looking snazzy.

Actually, for a super assassin, 47 doesn’t seem all that super. He moves at a normal pace. He can’t one shot someone unless it’s a sneak attack. Unarmed fighting is rather tame. A head butt here, a punch there. Carrying things like bodies also slow him down a lot. He feels like pretty much a normal guy except he has guns and training. I actually really like it. 47 is only a really fit guy and yet he’s pretty much taking down some of the most well protected people around.

His best power might be the ability to save scum and climb things no man should be able to, like a drain pipe, while holding onto a briefcase. Power he does not have? The ability to hold onto two briefcases at once. Oh, and he has one other ability which I’ll mention later as it’s not important in this level.

Anyway, a bit further in, we come across a sniper rifle. Coming in.

And time for a sniper section. Three guards are standing somewhere out there and we need to handle it.

Okay, that was not a guard but a pigeon. I just wanted to see if I actually could kill the pigeon. The answer is yes, yes I can. Why did I want to know that? No reason in particular.

And one more guard before I reach Mister Swing King’s office.

Out the window and over the railing you go.

And no we come face to face. Look at him, crying and begging. Better put him out of his misery.


Now all that’s left is to escape.

And that is the basic mission pattern. Get in, compete objectives (mostly kill a guy or two) and escape. Since this is the tutorial, you aren’t rated. All other missions will give you a rating based on how much noise you make and how violent you were.

Now that I have the basics of Hitman, I can’t wait for the next mission. Time to see what kind of stealth kills I can make.

Next target

Definitely, not, dealing drugs.

Hitman: Bloodmoney is available on the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 2. Look for it at local retailers or online.

Eversion Special:

Here is the ending to Eversion. There are of course, spoilers. Don’t watch it alone at night.

Behind you.

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