Autumnal Waterfall 10 – Aversion to Eversion

Not indicated for children or those of a nervous disposition

So what is Eversion? Eversion, noun: the act of turning inside out. Sounds nasty.

Eversion is a free platformer that recieved a better graphics paid version. It’s a very simple game. You are a one hit wonder that runs, jumps and collects collectables. Pretty simple. Jump on enemies and all that. It’s a nice game for all ages.

There will be spoilers. Not for plot, I’ll tell you the plot right now, you go save a princess. The spoilers will be for some of the twists of the game. Just letting you know.

See, what a nice and happy world. It’s bright, colorful and look how adorable the main character is. Also, he’s supposed to be an asterisk *, not a flower. Just pointing that out.

Anyway, the twist to this game is the ability to cause an eversion. At certain points, which can be hard to find, you will be able to cause an eversion. For the most part, eversion points will be signaled by a change in music and a slight change in background color. Let’s move on and do some eversions!

Well, looks like it’s a bit later in the day. On the bright side, the clouds are now platforms. Neat. It looks like causing an eversion gives us more moving options. Ignore the black dot. I think I accidentally did that on photoshop while cropping the pictures.

Anyway, let’s move on, collecting gems and doing more eversions!

Uh, well, the next eversion seems to bring us to a bit of a dreary version of the world. The blocks looks less happy and the enemy looks frightened. Oh well, it’s probably nothing.

The next eversion. Is it just me or do things seem kind of dead and lifeless? Let’s hurry on out of this area. I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon.

Wait, what? What the <censored>? What is that thing and why is it chasing me? Stooop. No, I want to go back to the land of color and joy. Stop chasing me! Hurry on to the next area.

BJZJZJZJZJKADFJKDFNKLASASFKL, what the <censored> is that? I don’t want to go on anymore. Can we please stop now?

Why? Why? Look at how sad everything looks. And all those stones are so suspicious. Please, let’s stop now?

What? The vines sprouted thorns and look at that <censored> the little asterisk has too much blood. I don’t want to play anymore but let’s press on. It should get better. It must get better. We need a happy ending.

Haha, eat it now creepy and disturbing enemy. On to the next area!

You know what? <Censored> you Eversion, <censored> you.

Get it here or get the better graphics version on steam.

And have some Magus Night

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