Autumnal Waterfall 1

So, this is my little category of the blog. Hmm, for introductory purposes, I guess I’ll say what this is about. This will mostly be about the games I am currently playing. There will be a bit of other stuff as well but mostly games. What I want to try is talk about games I am playing for the first time, instead of stuff I’ve already played so it’ll be my first reactions.

What kind of games will I be playing? Well, not FPS’s. I’m okay with aliens trying to breed with my characters face, I am not okay when it’s my face. I play a lot of well, I guess you can count them as Widget stuff. I also prefer RPG’s or adventure games. It will mostly be computer games since I can actually take screenshots of those.

For those of you that recognize the title of the category or the person in the picture, I will say that it will not mostly be about Touhou. For one, I suck at Touhou. I have only unlocked the Extra Stage on Mountain of Faith. They’re still great fun though I don’t play them as much currently.

Hmm, what am I playing currently? Well, out of the big namers, Diablo 3. I’m already too far into it to give a first playthrough assessment. Currently farming Inferno for gold since good drops are too rare. If I do find an awesome drop, maybe I’ll post a picture. For those that have it though, have you ever stopped and just looked around the scenery? For some people it might be too colorful and bright but there are a lot of cool images in the background.

Well, expect the first actual content post sometime later. It will not be something Widget but it will be ridiculous.

I leave you with a rendition of what my category is named for.

Fall of Fall

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