AMV Spotlight: Noize

Continuing our Weekly AMV Spotlight is one that holds a special place in my heart. So for a bit, we’re going to talk about some of the common ways that an AMV differs from just taking some clips from Anime and setting them to music.

An AMV makes use of many effects, filters, and transitions to put together an entertaining and visually appealing result. Effects include such simple things as blur, noise, or static. Artists will often use effects to cover up pieces of irrelevant footage that gets in the way of the desired image, or to enhance the overall dramatic theme they are trying to enforce.

Filters are the bread and butter of an AMV. Filters provide a number of different tools which alter the overall physical look of a particular clip. This can range from sharpening an image to embolden its appearance against a background, to isolating a single color against an image for the purposes of a transition.

Lastly, transitions deal in moving the AMV from one clip to another. There are numerous if not potentially limitless ways to create a transition, with its effectiveness typically judged with how seamless the clips appear to be visually. A good AMV can move from piece to piece without losing immersion, keeping the viewer entertained from start to finish without jarring their enjoyment.

So, why is this a good AMV? Let’s consult the list:
1) A good AMV can tell you a story with what it shows you. A great AMV doesn’t need a story, it’ll give you enough substance to make your own tale, pretty much letting you fill in the blanks on what it never shows.
2) This particular product gives its viewpoint from a fresh, very well-executed point of view. The camera angle has been done before, but with this you get a feeling like there’s something going on behind the lens, given only through vague glimpses of what might be.
3) WUB WUB WUB WUB SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I have no idea what kind of things acid shows you but this AMV almost makes me want to find out.

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  • CAD  says:

    Actually informative – I’ve been wondering what the difference was

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