AMV Spotlight: MEP Monthly – The Ultimate Hero’s Comeback

So here we stand after the end of our July spotlights, and something occurred to me. I haven’t covered MEPs yet! So this is my little way of including these gems into your weekly dose of Anime Music Videos. Since this will be our first one, we’re going to talk about MEPs as a whole and how they differ from standard AMVs.

So what is an MEP? Glad you asked. An MEP, or Multiple Editor Project, is strictly speaking an AMV made by more than one person. How this goes into a slight more depth than what can be expected is that you don’t have two people passing around the same clips and adding their own effects to it, no.

An MEP involves anywhere between (on average) two and ten separate editors creating sections of the MEP while operating off the same track. One editor might do their segment for the song’s first minute, while the next person does theirs for the next thirty seconds before passing it off to the third, and so on so forth. This comes together to make a particularly spectacular creation that tends to wade into the thick of the more high-paced, action-clustered AMVs.

So why is this a good MEP? Let’s consult the list:
1) When a story is told by multiple authors, as is the case in this MEP, it can often cause clutter and conflicting messages. Not in this one. Each segment is almost beautifully complementing the last one and the one that follows it.
2) Up until now, the AMVs I’ve covered have largely strayed from the action-packed ones. Sometimes, all you wanna see is some fitting music being played alongside the most memorable fights of the more classic anime.
3) Good lord, speaking of classic animes, I started geeking out about the time it hit the mid-point. The transitions bring excitement to each segment, never letting an author get an intro that disappoints and I have to say that some of the sequences in this are downright jaw-dropping.

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