AMV Spotlight: MEP Monthly – Nekketsu IMPACT !!

Welcome back to the AMV spotlight, and rejoice for today is another MEP Monthly session! Today, we cover something a little different about MEPs, namely about Editor Groups. I don’t really know a formal name for them, perhaps maybe an Editor Studio, but I won’t bother with semantics.

An editor group is essentially what it says on the packaging – a group of editors who create AMVs together, using each other for criticism, ideas, and of course, MEPs. They’re trademarked by usually having a logo of some type, which can be seen in the logo given at the beginning of this week’s spotlight Editor groups tend to create some of the most well-synched and well-coordinated MEPs, sheerly because they’ve worked together on other projects previously. For this reason, some of these groups can become so well recognized that simply mentioning their name in a topical conversation can produce instant recognition.

Perhaps it’s more a show of how AMVs are more than simply editing projects and have the potential to evolve into an entire animation culture (as they are well on their way to doing right now). Either way, the simple knowledge that people create professional teams to create AMVs and other animation editing projects to bring to genuine competitions gives us an idea of what kind of dedication artists will have when it comes to AMVs.

So, why is this a good MEP? Let’s consult the list:
1) As the MEP progresses with the song, the animation style slowly shifts from the more coherent, linear effects and clips to a more cut-away, power moment style. It rises well with the song and each segment fits its own part of the song beautifully.
The use of more recent content within anime makes it a lot more fulfilling than some of the older clips that a lot of AMV/MEP veterans see regularly. It makes the project fresh and lets the artists experiment with newer techniques, which is something that should always be applauded.
 It has been a long, long, long time since I’ve seen any AMV or MEP which featured Dragonball Z. I’m not entirely sure why this is, probably something to do with the less than stellar quality of most DBZ AMVs, but it caught my attention for this AMV to begin with. I don’t know why that justifies it as a good MEP, but honestly I can’t think of the last good DBZ AMV I watched.

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