AMV Spotlight: Emptiness

Welcome once more to another AMV Spotlight. Today’s featured AMV brings out our next topic quite handily, and what we’ll be talking about today and next week is the use of text and typography in AMVs.

Now, in the COLOLOR post we saw some of this, however brief. What Emptiness provides is a far more direct example. The use of text in context to the AMV can entirely alter the words being said (Unless you speak Japanese, in which case I am deeply sorry for the butchering of your language). Now a brief thing we have to establish is the difference between text and typography. Typography is the stylistic use of text and language as an art form. Text is conveying meaning via words. Emptiness is going to be our example of a text-using AMV.

Text is often used in a case where the AMV is meant to tell a story. This leaves less room for fancy effects and stylistic approaches and transitions, but allows for one to bring across meaning…if used well. Implementing text in the wrong manner can be the difference between a good AMV and a terrible one. In general, it’s best to use text where the emphasis of the product is definitively on story as opposed to action.

So, why is this a good AMV? Let’s consult the list:
1) Establishing the interplay between the characters in the product gives this AMV a good running start, especially with something focusing on a more melancholy story.
2) The emphasis on setting the visual cues to the audio, and emphasizing those lets this AMVs story reach a rare pinnacle where we can feel genuinely involved in it.
3) Okay as someone who’s lost all faith in Bleach as of late, this has a certain sense of nostalgia to it. One of the most memorable fights of the series, keying into the only Random Power-Up of the series that made any vestige of sense set to a very, very appropriate track brings out the old Bleach fan in me.

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