AMV Spotlight: COLOLOR

Once again chiming in for our weekly AMV spotlight comes this short, but colorful little number. Today, we’ll be talking more about anime in general — specifically, how AMV’s are a little more capable of delivering a visual and audio product that can’t generally be matched by a lot of other mediums.

In anime, contrast is everything. Lines are to be sharp, well-defined and deliberate at all times. Similarly, the animation style is very deliberate and fluid. Every motion leads into the next one, almost always setting up the next point of contact. This creates a very sharp, well-portrayed movement. The downsides to this animation are often that in creating sharper, more dramatically set lines, you sacrifice certain points of immersion (lip-movements and fluid facial expressions being the most prominent).

Similarly, you receive a more well-defined and sharply animated motion in typically ordinary movements. Everything from walking, to swinging a sword, to shooting a gun gains a certain dramatic flair to it, giving you the sense of literally watching art in motion. As such, setting it to music becomes far easier to match for tempo and rhythm — action has a pacing that is almost always fluid, capable of matching whatever speed you require.

Next week, we’ll cover why certain other mediums fail to match up to the synchronicity and flair that AMVs provide.

So, why is this a good AMV? Let’s consult the list:
1) There is a point at which you pass beyond using music to compliment anime, and reach a point where both music and clips serve to compliment your own capacity for animation and story-telling.
2) As always, keeping a medium of story-telling such as a camera angle or even POV in general can greatly increase the ability of an AMV to draw its viewer in.
3) Honestly I don’t know why this one sticks to me so much. It’s poppy, snappy, and has a nice lengthy segment where you just can’t help but want to rewatch and sing right along with the list-off.

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