Because Brown: High Speed Movement

You know, this might just be me. I doubt that many other people when seeing some sort of hyper-action anime or reading a super action-y manga end up thinking about this. I’ve always wondered what the hell would happen if someone in the real world could actually pull off the superpowers that so many popular characters could pull off.

This blog aims to point out all those things that just don’t seem to make sense in anime, video games, manga and even the real world. You know, it’s going to answer those great questions like, “What if I could breath fire”, or “What if I was thrown into buildings”. You know, those questions I know you’re dying to find out about.

First is one of the most common superpowers. Superspeed. Hirenkyaku, Shunpo, Sonido, Body-Flicker Technique, DBZ MODE SPEED, Quick Attacks, Extremespeeds, and so forth. Super speed is one of the most popular and sought after skills. Ask a kid what they want to do, 50% of the time it’s flight (which will be covered later), 49% super speed, 1% other.


Even starting in the theory super speed falls off pretty hardcore. Take your average adult male, 6’0’’ tall, 170 lbs (77 kg). Now, let’s define the point that speed becomes super speed. The way superspeed is often portrayed is disappearing from sight and reappearing later. Now, the human eye is pretty good at tracking movement. If it wasn’t, we’d probably be dead by now.

Researchers have shown the sheer skill of the human eye when it comes to tracking movement. The eyes of fighter pilots were able to identify the appearance of a an image of a plane which was flashed on the screen for 1/220 of a second.

So, for the points of this example we can easily assume a speed of 410 meters per second at roughly a 1 meter distance. Why one meter? Because whenever these high speed movements are used they always appear behind the guy they’re attacking because hey, it worked in Bleach, why not  in Naruto?

Some people start their highspeed woosh away while standing still. They’re net change in velocity is humongous since it’s assumed that they instantly accelerate to that high speed. The sheer force applied to the human body and the impulse caused by the change in momentum of the human reaches the point where it would easily crush your body. Not only that, while you’re running, the heat caused by the friction between your body and even the air around you would easily lead you to essentially melt.

This is also for an average male. Females, who often have lower total distributions of weights and even teenagers and kids which populate most anime and manga are far worse off. Sure, you’ll be able to transform into a superhero for a few seconds but instead of ending your attack with a punch, you’re probably going to be ending up throwing your crushed bones and organs, which coincidentally would probably be on fire, directly at your opponent. Gross out factor = success.

This is just speed, what I would call one of the more tame abilities. But, unfortunately, lecture is almost over so I’ll have to jet. Leave some comments below to give me some feedback!


3 comments to Because Brown: High Speed Movement

  • Shades  says:

    Because this is now my new favorite blog post series Arun you better continue this.

  • The Van  says:

    But people travel faster than that all the time. Its not the acceleration that kills you, its the sudden stop at the end!

    Also: dead people have no coporeal form! And make tunnels of resistanceless space! GOSH. If you’re going to write, at least get your facts right!

    (I love it, please write more)

    • Nargles  says:

      Ninjas have corporeal forms.

      And I completely agree. The acceleration isn’t what kills you, it’s what ignites your body in an explosive flame 8D

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