AMV Spotlight: PonyNote

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight folks, this time we’re chiming in with the band wagon to talk about something a little less prominent in the genre: cross-media music videos.

I’m going to open by saying: Yes, it’s My Little Pony. Chill, it’s obviously a humorous AMV anyways. So here we go. Cross-media music videos (I’m just going to say CMV for simplicity) are a bit of rarity (see what I did there?) in the genre, mostly for the fact that it involves a lot of editing to be done.

Taking an entirely separate product, which can vary so radically in style, and trying to mesh it with another can create an easy route for backlash. Contrast only works if the styles are done in similar ways, providing an off-set theming. With separate media’s, you don’t have that luxury. Using contrast usually creates a blurriness, an indistinctness that can’t really be compensated for. Using something like video game footage with anime clips is easy to mess up, and easy to turn into a mess.

So, why is this a good CMV? Let’s consult the chart:
1) Trying to take this as seriously as possible, the use of multiple medias (in this case, anime and western animation) creates a strangely satisfying image. There are a few rough bits, but by daring to go outside the comfort zone of most artists a very entertaining product was made.
2) Time and again I’ve seen text and typography gone wrong, and much like our last spotlight this is a good example of how to use text correctly, and with enough consideration to work in context of the CMV.
3) Admit it, you laughed. You laughed hard, or at the very least you cracked a smile. I know I did.

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