Time Wasters of the Utmost Caliber

Sup everyone, by order of our benevolent zombie overlords (no really he beat me until i agreed to post) Here are Shade’s favorite sites to be random on:


1)  Manga Eden: Such a good manga site and now that most of the others have taken down content its my go to stop for all my manga needs. Contains a hell of a lot of series and is updated really quickly. Also they have Italian translations which is awesome.

2) Kongregate: Want a quick flash game to play to waste 5 minutes? Half an hour? The whole day? Kongregate is my go to source for when I need to game without having to get up and boot a console or drum up the energy to hit open on steam.

3) Science Memebase: I am a bio major, and above being an otaku I’m nerdy as hell. Science memebase is where I go for my daily dose of cool sciency stuff without being weird.

4) XKCD: Speaking of being a nerd, xkcd is a comic that makes smart poop jokes, to me this is what is important in humor. Read it and lawls.

5) Penny Arcade: Moving on with awesome comics, the dudes from Penny arcade are boss and update monday, wednesday, friday READ THEIR STUFF.

6) Teefury: I usually click on this site once a day to see what awesome nerdy cheap t-shirt they have for the day. I have a few awesome designs from them and at 13 bucks a shirt including shipping its a steal for such weird and wacky designs.

7) Stumble Upon: The gods of the internets’ gift to those looking to waste hours doing nothing. It has so many interests if you don’t find something you like and don’t spend hours clicking, you are weird bro.


So thats all for now kiddies hope you enjoy my random post of random things I waste time on.

Shades out~

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