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Lily Girls’ Review: Mai Otome

So, the status of Mai HiME as a cornerstone of yuri anime is not to be ignored, but in keeping with our “Hey, check this out!” nature as a blog, why not play with it’s lesser-known and rather fantastic (in several senses of the word) little sister? Yes, Mai Otome.


Science fiction magical girls in the distant future or maybe the past on another planet or parallel dimension.

Mai Otome is set… somewhere that is tied to but not at the setting of Mai HiME. In fact, the less you know about Mai HiME the more you’ll understand Otome, because instead of being a psychological thriller with summoned creatures and Most Important Persons, Otome was once aptly described by a friend as “Sailor Moon on crack.”

See, we’ve got magical girls, but it might be more accurate to call them technological girls...

Lily Girls’ Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Not to be confused with the anime series of the same name, which we’ll review shortly, or the other games in the Neptunia franchise mk2 and Victory which I’ve heard about but not played first-hand. This review is only about Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Yeah, that Hyperdimension Neptunia.

 The idea behind this is kind of an awesome and out there and insane premise: all the videogame companies are moe girls. Neptune (named for the console that Sega was supposed to follow the Dreamcast with) represents Sega, Noire represents the typically black-colored Sony consoles, Blanc represents the Wii’s white color-scheme and Vert, from Verde which is the Microsoft green logo design for the Xbox...

Autumnal Waterfall 41 – Mirror’s Edge


Well, I recently just bought the Origin Humble Bundle. From there, I got a few things. First one I’ve played is Mirror’s Edge. So, let’s talk about the few year old game. Though I’m quite sure if any of you already wanted to play it, you would have already.

What is Mirror’s Edge? It is a first person parkour game. You play as Faith as she free runs through the city skylines, avoiding cops and deadly falls. It sounds pretty cool in theory, so let’s see how the execution is.

The skyline is your playground.

Now, we start of with an (optional)...

Lily Girls’ Review: Yuyushiki

My state has a law that mandates all K-12 school years and some university fall semesters start the day after Labor Day. Something of a holiday of it’s own, let’s celebrate Back to School by going to our high school’s Data Processing Club in this week’s review.


Yuzuko, Yukari and Yui

Yuyushiki starts out with a pattern that feels familiar in slice-of-life series, the protagonists must join a club but don’t want to actually do anything. In some other series, like Yuru Yuri, this manifests as the Amusement Club, or in another recent series, the titular Going Home Club. In Yuyushiki, the trio of Yukari, Yuzuko and Yui join the Data Processing Club, a club that has a whopping zero members...