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Autumnal Waterfall 34 – Primordia

Welcome to Primordia, a world where humanity has passed away, leaving only robots behind in a post-apocalyptic scape. This is a point and click game made in old pixel style. I’m quite fond of point and click games and this one is no different. I also enjoy exploring these post-apocalyptic worlds. Even with just pixels, they make some pretty nice scenery.

The main character is Hortial Nullbuilt, Version 5. He’s a simple robot on a quest to retrieve the power core to his home. Let’s follow him around and see what he does.

Primordia is available on SteamGog, or you can google for other places.


The adventure all...

Lily on the Road: JAFAX

Last time Lily hit the convention scene it was at Anime Central, one of the largest conventions in the Midwest. Yesterday we set our sights on Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI for one of the smaller cons we go to: the Japanese Animation and Film Something-that-starts-with-A Expo. JAFAX bills itself as a “unique experience”, being a totally free convention held at a university rather than a admission-fee based model held at a hotel or convention center. This poses pretty obvious strengths and weaknesses for the convention.

Koala, Katie and Katze.

The obvious strength is that its free. No badges, no registration, just show up and walk around doing what you wanna do. The obvious weaknesses are university policies that limit the scope of the convention...

Lily Girls’ Review: Atelier: The Alchemists of Arland Trilogy

Changing it up a bit, and maybe with a nod to our fellow MangaDen columnists at Unbeaten Games, Lily is looking this week at a video game franchise, Atelier, and it’s recent turn down the yurilicious path.


From left to right:
Rorona (de-aged), Meruru and Totori

Let’s start by saying this: if you hate item creation in RPGs, specifically JRPGs, look no farther: Atelier is  the bane of your existence. For over twenty years and fifteen title,s Atelier has been the source that Star Ocean, Tales, even Final Fantasy have drawn from in the pursuit of item crafting. The closest Atelier has ever been to the JRPG standard of plucky heroes chosen by destiny to save the world was Atelier Iris 2, that notwithstanding the franchise has been much more lighthearted and whimsical, instead being about a plucky shopkeeper chosen by pretty much no one to make cool things and keep the art of alchemy alive. Does this sound a lot like Recettear? Do you not know what Recettear is? The point is, it does. And that’s because Atelier inspired a subgenre of JRPG all its own.

Since this is about three games, this article is kind of long, so bear with us.


Rorona and Cordy,...

Autumnal Waterfall 33 – Super Squat Simulator

Are you ready to get into the best shapes of your lives? If so reading this is not going to help you. But if you want to work your fingers to the bone, this will help, for this is Super Squat Simulator-or-or-echo-echo-echo.

You can feel the burn with this game. Start out every computer session with some of this and you will be ready for whatever furious clicking/typing that awaits. So, are you ready?

Or get the game here and squat along.

Log in? We don’t need to log in.

So, t...

Lily Girls’ Review: Black Rock Shooter

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you’re all enamored with E3 and I promise we’ll discuss it and how we’re disappointed at its lack of yuri later. For now, we bring you a review of the much-loved Black Rock Shooter anime!


Black Rock Shooter, where have you gone?

So, the biggest problem we have when we talk about Black Rock Shooter is this: just what the hell are we talking about. Black Rock Shooter originated as a song by the band Supercell featuring uber-cute digital idol Hatsune Miku, who the titular character was modeled after. From this humble origins, Black Rock Shooter gained immense popularity  but not immense continuity. While we’re here talking about the anime, in a few months we’ll be back to talk about the entirely separate universe that is the video game, which follows a completely...