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Lily Girls’ Review: Rinne no Lagrange

The biggest mistake you can possibly make is to see mechs and assume that Rinne no Lagrange is to think of it in terms of Gundam or Robotceh. This mech series has some genre definition issues: though it dresses like a mecha anime, it acts like a magical girl series.

Having lunch at the end of the world.

Having lunch at the end of the world.

Rinne no Lagrange is set in Kamogawa, Japan, a fact the Kamogawa tourism department is pretty thrilled by. The protagonist, Madoka (not that Madoka) starts by saving the life of a drowning child and having her school uniform stolen in the process. The uniform thief is Fin E Ld Si Laffinty, an alien with a rather unique greeting and a strange fixation of Madoka. Madoka declares them comrades, and so Laffinty (just call her Lan) says that it now is time for Madoka to pilot a giant robot...

Lily on the Road: Anime Central

The Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL


So, Lily Girls is more than just a series of reviews we write here for MangaDen. Koala, Kero, Mary and I put on programming at anime conventions around the Great Lakes region of the US. In this case, we took two panels on lesbians in Otaku media to Anime Central in Rosemont, IL just outside of Chicago proper.

Lily has been working for a while to convince vendors in Dealers’ Rooms in the region to recognize a parity between yuri and Boy’s Love. We were thrilled to see some cute and shippy things and yuri-themed series in the Dealers; Room selling well, hopefully this will inspire more importation of the kind of materials we love and support...

Autumnal Waterfall 32 – Reus

And I’m back, this time, with a game called Reus. They call Reus a simulation game, though I find it’s more like a puzzle game where you have to adapt on the fly and not hit the wrong hotkey, breaking everything.

Reus has pretty nice visuals, though I didn’t notice the music much. Depending on how much you want to manage things, it can be relaxing or hectic. You do everything in the game through 4 giants that have different abilities. Each level consists of a circular world, and you use your giants to shape them for civilization. Of course your giants move slow as mole asses so if you make settlements too far apart, it’ll take a while to do anything.

Making things hectic are timed challenges where you have to get a certain settlement up to a certain amount of resources. Succeeding gives you more abilities, failing doesn’t really penalize you, but I want to do it anyway.

Now, step into Reus.

This giant does not appear in the game to my knoweldge

Like I said before, this game...