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Autumnal Waterfall 30 – Ghost Recon Online

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online’s Tactical Cover Shooter’s Open Beta

From now on, I will just refer to it as Ghost Recon Online or GRO. Also, all screenshots for this are taken from the game’s official website. Find the website here.

GRO is a squad based tactical cover shooter. Two teams are pit against each other, mostly in capture the point style maps so far. Will there be more maps later on? Most likely. The game is free to play with a cash shop.

Most of the time, you’re in the third person, over the camera style. You go into first person mode when aiming down gun sights. In the game, you must effectively work together with your team, utilizing cover, suppressive fire and special abilities to defeat the enemy.

What is a tactical cover based shooter? It means get your ass in cover or you’re going to die horribly. Crouch, go prone, whatever you do, don’t try to charge in like an action movie star. Remember, this is an open beta, stuff might change later on.

Unless you are this guy, he has an energy...