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Autumnal Waterfall 28 – Christmas Blood Money

An albino black bird found dead, police suspect fowl play is involved.

Last time, Agent 47 was in New Orleans and stopped the assassination of a policitican. This time, he’s attending a christmas party. Time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Nah, totally kidding. He’s here to kill the owner of the mansion and a guy that has too much of a wild side that it’s no longer worth keeping him around. The second target has been caught beating a hooker to death and the client wants Agent 47 to bury him and the evidence of his crime. Might as well kill the mansion owner while we’re at it.

So, time for Hitman: Blood Money: Christmas Edition: Ho’s ho’s ho’s.

It is just a nice and simple party.


Autumnal Waterfall 27 – Harvey’s New Eyes

So, what’s going to happen this time? Well, I’m thinking some more adventure games! Now I won’t be doing a full playthrough of point and click puzzle adventure games because there’s generally only one way to go through the game. It’s not like my gameplay experience will be super unique. I do want to introduce you to some of the recent ones I’ve played and give my opinion on them.

So, which games am I going to talk about? Let’s start with Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes.

You can get the game from Steam, or DRM free from GOG. Or from other places online if you want to search for it.

Also, for this post, I will be using the officially supplied screenshots from Steam and wow are they huge.

The non American title of Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s N...

Autumnal Waterfall 26 – Blood Money

Agent 47 is stalking New Orleans to take out 3 black crows. Why do they got to be black huh?

Last time, we did absolutely no killing but wandered around, learned the lay of the land, and obtained some useful disguises. This time, all 3 birds are going down. And they will never see me coming.

Autumnal Waterfall 25 – SnM S2 E4 P2

Gasp, what’s this? Two weeks in a row of Sam and Max? Well, yes. I decided to do this mainly because I forgot what I had done last week and already whipped up the Sam and Max photos. Well, I’m alright with it because this will be the last Sam and Max Season 2 blod post I do.

What about Episode 5, the last Episode? Well if you want to see it all come together, go buy the season! Official site here.

Now then, let us complete Sam and Max, Episode 4. Last time, we were trying to save Bosco as he inadvertently screwed up his own past. Our goal is to find the DNA of his father and fix him. Our second goal is to figure out why aliens are travelling around in time. Be warned, bad guy spoilers ahoy and yes, they have appeared in every previous Season 2 Episode though no, I have not taken a single screenshot of them. (Maybe).

Lets get the DeLorean up to speed and hit it.

After wande...