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Autumnal Waterfall 24 – SnM S2 E4

Sam and Max are back and this is it. This is the episode where things start to all come together. What does corporate horrors being sent to Santa Claus have to do with Bermuda Triangles and Moai Heads have to do with a vampire running a zombie factory in Germany? Everything will be revealed.


Autumnal Waterfall 23 – Blood Money

Man protected by FBI found dead, police suspect blood money is involved.

Agent 47 is attenting a festival this time. I think it’s a festival. And it’s in New Orleans! But it’s not Mardi Gras. The target this time is 3, count em, 3 other assassins and their target is a politician.

As far as I know, this is the only missions with a time limit. If the other assassins kill the politician, you lose. Though it is trivially easy to remove that time limit. I removed it my first time around without really being sure of what I was doing. I’ll show you just how to stop the assassins from ever doing anything, so let’s get started.

How to stop the assassinatio...

Autumnal Waterfall 22 – SnM S2 E3 P2

Sam and Max are on the case and the case is filled with guns and nachos.

Last time, Sam and Max went to Germany to find out the cause of a sudden zombie. It turned out to be the work of an emo vampire with nipple rings. Seeeeriously. Well, shooting him doesn’t work so now we must destroy his coolness factor with his zombies, then the zombies will stop listening to him.

Let’s go.

This I can...

Unbeaten Games: The Untold Saga – Episode X

Woo-hoo! We made it to ten entries in this blog! It’s officially the longest running blog I’ve ever maintained….  >_>

Ahem, anyway… I thought I would use this entry to recap the events over the last few weeks since I have not completed any additional games since Episode IX. I’ll put it in bullet form for those of you not interested in reading paragraphs:

  • Bought Star Wars:The Old Republic (SWTOR) for PC and been playing that in most of my spare time (until this past Monday)
  • Built a new desktop, gaming PC after my wife’s laptop’s hard drive failed last week (been looking for a reason to build one)
    • [Comment or message me if you're interested in the parts I used for the build]
  • Bought Assassin’s Creed III and Halo 4, increasing the number of games to beat from fourteen (14) out of ninete...

Autumnal Waterfall 21 – Blood Money

Three criminals found dead inside a rehabilitation center. Most likely just drank themselves to death.

Who am I kidding? Police suspect blood money is involved. Especially that one guy that was killed by an explosion.

It is time for more Hitman: Blood Money. Last time, we saved Agent Smith, took out the target and two bonus targets for more cash. This time, we’re going to a nice little neighborhood where a former criminal is under the watchful eye of the FBI. Someone still wants him dead though so we’re going to oblige the client.

Let’s get started

To start off, we ...