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AMV Spotlight: MEP Monthly – The Ultimate Hero’s Comeback

So here we stand after the end of our July spotlights, and something occurred to me. I haven’t covered MEPs yet! So this is my little way of including these gems into your weekly dose of Anime Music Videos. Since this will be our first one, we’re going to talk about MEPs as a whole and how they differ from standard AMVs.

So what is an MEP? Glad you asked. An MEP, or Multiple Editor Project, is strictly speaking an AMV made by more than one person. How this goes into a slight more depth than what can be expected is that you don’t have two people passing around the same clips and adding their own effects to it, no.

An MEP involves anywhere between (on average) two and ten separate editors creating sections of the MEP while operating off the same track...

Autumnal Waterfall 7 – A Hate Story

What did I know about Analogue: A Hate Story before I bought it? It is a visual novel.

That is it. That is seriously it.

Some more information I found out later. It’s written by Christine Love, who has a few other visual novels that are free for those that want to download it. Digital: A Love Story and Don’t Take it Personally Babe. I have not tried either one yet since I’m still working on this one. I don’t think any of the stories are direct sequels or such. And this is the link to Analogue: A Hate Story.

So I got it and played it for a while. As it is a visual novel, I won’t spoil the story too much, just give the basic setup. Also, since it’s a visual novel, most of the pictures in this article will also be text. Because I heard you like to read. So I put words in your pictures. Dawg.

In the future, you are sent to a d...

AMV Spotlight: Around the World

Welcome back to the follow-up from last week’s spotlight! Keeping in tone with the points we covered last time, this week’s AMV is all about the synchronicity. Last time we covered how anime creates a very sharp, clear image that is easily set to alternative audio or video and can still be presented in a contextual manner. Today, we’re covering some of the alternatives which can (but don’t necessarily) match up to the same manner of popularity and styling as AMVs.

So, we’ll be covering three other medias which can be removed from their standard context, and be given an entirely separate meaning without needing to alter its present physical form: film, video games, and cartoons.

Film first. When we’re talking about film, I don’t mean Pixar-animated things or other Disney animated movies...

Autumnal Waterfall 6 – Steeling Steelport

Yay banner! It’ll be back every once in a while to aid you in remembering what you’re reading.

I’ve been doing some other random things that is in no way constructive to getting through the game of Saint’s Row The Third.

And last time, I realized that I didn’t say much about the game itself so I’ll try to say a bit this time while showing you random pictures.

I’m certain you all know this alrea...

Autumnal Waterfall 5 – SMNC Yo Store Edition

This is part 2 of my Super Monday Night Combat coverage so go read part one if you have not. Part 1 here.

Once again, there will be pictures.

But to start off, let’s list what can be bought with real money: Pros, taunts, costumes, boosts

What can be bought with in game currency: Pros, products, endorsements

One thing I will say I like about the store is that they just use straight money. No spending money to buy points kinda crap. In that spend money to buy points system, you must overpay to buy what you want and have leftover points. Sure you might get bonus points for buying more but I’m sure companies calculated that into the price already.

First off, ...

AMV Spotlight: COLOLOR

Once again chiming in for our weekly AMV spotlight comes this short, but colorful little number. Today, we’ll be talking more about anime in general — specifically, how AMV’s are a little more capable of delivering a visual and audio product that can’t generally be matched by a lot of other mediums.

In anime, contrast is everything. Lines are to be sharp, well-defined and deliberate at all times. Similarly, the animation style is very deliberate and fluid. Every motion leads into the next one, almost always setting up the next point of contact. This creates a very sharp, well-portrayed movement...

Autumnal Waterfall 4 – SMNC Yo Gameplay Edition

It’s Super Monday Night Combat! Now, if you just said that, there would be a 6/7 chance you would be wrong. But in the game, it’s always Monday!

What is the game about? I will try to explain the best I can and hope I don’t muck it up. Once gain, there will be a lot of accompanying screenshots. SMNC is a free to play MOBA game out on Steam. Find it here.

The basics of the game is that it is like a MOBA or Massive Online Battle Arena. Two teams of 5 battle it out to destroy the other teams stuff. The difference is this game is entirely a third person shooter. You need to aim everything. Only a few attacks auto track and even then it’s avoidable.

Part 2 about the store system here.

So if you think a shooter style MOBA would interest you, read on. Or just read on anyway.

First off,

Yeah, it’s ...

Super-Human Chap 1

“Truths beneath the surface,
lies within ourselves.
We are what we are,
but it is not enough.”

As the city falls asleep and the night rapidly approaches the unwary, so does the underworld awake from its solar slumber, and once more the city bursts into life.

The night, with all its participants in check does not differentiate friend from foe as the clash between good and evil, yin and yang, black and white resumes in all its majestic glory.


With a loud thud Aurelia descended upon the ground after having miscalculated the jump from the building she had been on to the next. Mathematics had never been the young woman’s strong point, and probably never would be.

“Shit,” she cursed under her breath as she rubbed her head and looked up.

Catching the moon’s light, a heavy form fell ...

Introduction of Us

Why the boring title?  Because simplicity catches, that’s why, and I’m all about the catchy.  Not really, but that’s a debate for another time, and probably the forum actually.  So why have I posted this seemingly useless blog post?  Why have I even bothered to grab your attention?  Well, if you’ve stayed around thus far you’re in luck.

It is with my profound satisfaction that I introduce to you all a collaborative project with myself, and Sir Roberton of Somewhereville at the helm.  This project?  An idea, really, where the two of us wanted to see what we could create by simply writing.  No deadlines, no lengthy character backgrounds, no mechanics.  Okay, well, some mechanics but that’s for continuity reasons.

Now, don’t take this a sign of either Rob or myself resigning from HD ...

AMV Spotlight: Noize

Continuing our Weekly AMV Spotlight is one that holds a special place in my heart. So for a bit, we’re going to talk about some of the common ways that an AMV differs from just taking some clips from Anime and setting them to music.

An AMV makes use of many effects, filters, and transitions to put together an entertaining and visually appealing result. Effects include such simple things as blur, noise, or static. Artists will often use effects to cover up pieces of irrelevant footage that gets in the way of the desired image, or to enhance the overall dramatic theme they are trying to enforce.

Filters are the bread and butter of an AMV. Filters provide a number of different tools which alter the overall physical look of a particular clip...