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Community Spotlight: Weekly Image Contest

The lucky winner of this week’s raffle is the user “lilmangoseed” for her depiction of the rebellious United Kanda Insurrection general, Orion Lycoris. Congratulations Mango, you’re now the proud owner of a shiny new collaboration bonus for the Halcyon Days RPG!


Character Spotlight

A charismatic leader, Orion compels people with his words, motivating them for battle and stirring them for war. Patient and kind, Orion is a natural leader who wields the respect and love of his people. He has lived in the Kanda region his entire life, training the men and women to become successful warriors. He has pushed his allies to become mentally stronger so that they will be prepared for the attack on Seireitei that remains only a few short steps away.

His biography, however, is a lie.

Orion was...

The Incredible World of Yoshitaka Amano

Amano's concept drawing for Sephiroth.

Intricate forms resolve and swirl together and mechanical elements are synthesized with organic forms. These fusions and syntheses are common in the work of Yoshitaka Amano. Amano is possibly one of Japan’s greatest living artists. His combination of Japanese and Western sensibilities and traditions along with his technical ability makes for artwork that dazzles the eye and fires the imagination.

Amano’s work hints at a diversity of influences but none of it is a pastiche. There are flashes of Pop Art, the work of Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession and traditional Japanese woodblock prints that inform his work. His work crosses the boundaries of time and style...

Because Brown: Improbable Weapons Part 1


You know what I just don’t seem to understand? What is with anime, manga and video games not ever using traditional weapons at weapons? Instead, most creators decide to take the most mundane objects and decide to turn them into instruments of war. On the rare occasion that they do decide to use a legitimate weapon, they decide to push the limits of a weapon to an improbable state.

But, this does beg a question. What if? What would we need to do to take these items and transform them into actual, useful weapons?

#1 Children’s Playing Cards

To start this, let’s look at one of the most used ‘weapons’ in popular culture: playing cards...

The Zombie Plan: Five Worst Anime Series of All Time

The Five Worst Anime Series of All Time

In the land of manga and anime, there are many masterpieces that really demonstrate the kind of heights the art form can reach. Masterfully rendered and beautifully written, these gems really showcase just how good of an artistic medium manga and anime can be. However, for every diamond, there’s a lump of coal; for every Mona Lisa, a poorly drawn stick figure scribbled on the back of a napkin. This article is about the latter; those stomach-churning exercises in mediocrity that lead one to question their faith in humanity — providing they aren’t driven to autocanibalism by the sheer badness of these flops.

#5 – Toaru Majutsu no Index

I know, I know. Index in a list of worst anime series? Before you cry foul, hear me out. I love Index (and it...

Community Spotlight: Weekly Image Contest

Every week, we select one image at random from Mangaden’s ‘booru’ to receive the prestigious honour of being featured on the site’s Weekly Image Spotlight! This week’s lucky winner is the user “Inkers” for her drawing of the character of Mineto Mitsuyo in female format, pictured below.

Character Spotlight

In public, Mitsuyo is a quiet and unassuming young boy. He keeps his thoughts and opinions to himself unless specifically asked, and even then he tends to dull down the quality of his answers in order to avoid drawing too much unwanted attention...

Because Brown: High Speed Movement

You know, this might just be me. I doubt that many other people when seeing some sort of hyper-action anime or reading a super action-y manga end up thinking about this. I’ve always wondered what the hell would happen if someone in the real world could actually pull off the superpowers that so many popular characters could pull off.

This blog aims to point out all those things that just don’t seem to make sense in anime, video games, manga and even the real world. You know, it’s going to answer those great questions like, “What if I could breath fire”, or “What if I was thrown into buildings”. You know, those questions I know you’re dying to find out about.

First is one of the most common superpowers. Superspeed...

Collabrative writing and things I hate.

So, when two or more people get together to write a story involving character interaction, its a melting pot.  Of author personalities, of character personalities, ideas, and possibly even goals.  I’ve seen some good writing in this fashion, I’ve seen a lot more that makes me want to die.  No, I’m not a dramatic person.

Rule #1: Read other people’s contributions before adding your own!

Holy crap I can’t stress this enough.  Glaring, horrible errors result because people do not do this.  If you fail to adhere to this point, you end up with something like this:

“Its the fan’s fault!” – GL

Seriously, do you want to produce content that makes people question the validity of a classic experience that defined movie going for a generation?  If you do, ignore this rule.

Rule #2: Don’t care ...

Gei Rei Zero

Ugh.  This anime makes me sad.

The story is about people with the ability to combat demons and evil spirits “that defy the natural order”, in specific, two girls not related by blood who end up living in the same household and taking on a sororal relationship.  The series teases you in the beginning, making you think its going to be a sort of bleach-like series where the bad guys get cut up by swords and semi-shounen like behavior.

The cake is a lie.  While there’s some action, this series ended up reminding me of Blood+...

Under Construction!

Under Construction!Content inbound! Check back later!