Autumnal Waterfall 57 – Mell Melánge 2, The accent is on the wrong letter

Well, time for another blog post. Geesh, what can I say? It’s mostly been making puzzles, designing boss battles and making locations. Ugh, my brain gets fried at times, and I just do stuff without thinking things through. I’ve put in number puzzles, pushing puzzles, not as much item puzzles, though. Due to the open-ended nature of the game, I find that item puzzles aren’t as good. Another reason is that in most adventure games, you mostly have item puzzles because the protagonist can’t do certain things. In this game, the protagonist can, and will, cut the knot.

Check it, revamped versus screen

It seems as the game go...

Autumnal Waterfall 56 – Mell Melange 2, 3


Time for a quick update on Mell Melange 2! Well, not really. Just a couple of screenshots because I am not sure what to talk about. Four of eight bosses are done!

4 of 8

Autumnal Waterfall 55 – Mell Melange 2 Not Bothering with the Accent

Time for an update! Well, splitting my time between 4 project is hard. I’ve been doing Mell Melange as my primary for the time being. Then making up spells for this RP, then writing some character stories, lastly is working on my novel. I might reorganize priorities  later on. The making of spells is getting there.

But you’re here for Mell Melange stuff.

The third boss is nearly done!

Shopping mall screenshot.

The boss is...

Autumnal Waterfall 54 – Mell Mélange 2

I’m back! This time, it is not my thoughts on a game. Instead, this is going to be about the sequel to Mell Mélange. The first game starred Platine, bounty hunting machine, as she took down 8 of the most dangerous criminals around. Now, she’s back in a new city, larger city. There, the threats are more dangerous and the prize reward even higher!

Game is still in development. This blog will detail my progress through the game as I make, and hopefully finish, it. Mell Mélange 2 is made in RPGMaker VXAce.

Not final image.

The game is...

Autumnal Waterfall 53 – One Finger Death Punch

Welcome to One Finger Death Punch, a two-button game. That’s right, it’s a game in which you only need two buttons. Like other games two-button games, Super Hexagon and Dive Kick, the concept is simple. And it’s addictive. I can sum it up in one sentence: Kung-fu action with guys coming at you from both sides and you pressing the direction button to kill them once they’re in range.


Get it on Steam.

The background seems way too non-stick-figure-y for my taste.

Remember a few years ba...

Autumnal Waterfall 52 – Warframe

What is Warframe? It is a free to play third-person action game where you play as robot ninjas. In Space. It is fast-paced, full of action and even a bit stealthy. It is a cooperative game in groups of up to four where you infiltrate a location, pull off the job, and then get to teh extraction. You control the titular warframe, of which there are many. Each warframe has four unique abilities and can be armed with pistols, rifles, shotguns, katana among many other kinds of weapons.

Play it for free. Official site. On Steam.

Note, all screenshots will be taken from the official Steam webshots section.

Action pose!

Autumnal Waterfall 51 – Paper Sorcerer


Welcome to Paper Sorcerer, an old style RPG party quest type thing. It’s in the first person style where you wander around a dungeon, fighting monsters, building your characters and getting story. If I would have to compare it to something, I would say it’s similar in play style to Etrian Odyssey. Doesn’t help much if you don’t know what Etrian Odyssey is, so I’m going to give you some screenshots instead.

Get it on Steam and possibly other sites.

Look at those difficulties.

Yeah, the difficulty goes all the way back to 1980′s. Being a wimp, I chose Normal.

Oh indie games, you always do some weird...

Autumnal Waterfall 50 – Valthirian Arc 2

This time, I am writing about a free flash game. I’ve done it once before here (insert link to hotel manager). The game is Valthirian Arc 2, the sequel to the fantasy school simulator. It boasts some cutesy graphics while having better gameplay than the first. Now, there are actual school grounds that expand and grow as your school fame levels up. You also have a staff that’s mostly there to add life and flavor to your school. Once again, you are a principal trying to run a school for adventurers and stuff.

Play it at Newgrounds here or perhaps other placed where flash games are hosted, too.

A nice, quaint school.

Valthirian Arc...

Autumnal Waterfall 49 – Guacamelee!

Welcome to Guacamelee!, one of my favorite games released on 2013. It is a platforming beat’em’up that lets you roam from level to level. You unlock new skills that lets you reach other areas in previous levels, and everything is wrapped up in great presentation and humor.

I find everything about this game just so well done, from the combat to the platforming. The platforming, especially, can get quite tricky, which I really like. The combat is punchy, fast-paced and satisfying. The entire art style is seeping with color and Mexicaness (that’s not a word).

I would recommend playing with a controller, but a keyboard shouldn’t be too bad.

Let’s get ready to luchador! Get it on Steam, GoG, or perhaps somewhere else.

Gold Edition includes challenge levels.

You play as Juan, simple agav...

Autumnal Waterfall 48 – Stuff Time

Now it is stuff time! A time where I just decide to type semi-randomly and see what comes out. The topic will be on games, of course.

Last year was the year when Playstation 4 and Xbox One came out. I have neither of them. I also don’t own a Wii U. That means I have not played any of the new stuff that came out. Well, that’s fine, I suppose. Better games will come out later for the PS4 and Xbone, and I could possibly get them then.

I will say that I do really like my original PS3. Sure, it has less capacity than newer versions, but it also has full backwards compatability. That alone makes me like it more than newer versions.

I think my buying mentality has really been changed by Steam and Youtube...